Attention must be Paid at this Crucial Time

The best time to transplant rapeseed is when the seedling has reached the 30-day growth period (or more). The following fertiliser program is recommended along with some transplanting techniques for the rape.

FIRSTLY, apply enough basic fertiliser and make an early start to transplanting.

Early planting is conducive to making full use of the warmlight resources before winter, promoting the development of rape in autumn and winter on the one hand, whilst accumulating more nutrients before winter to enhance the cold and stress resistance plants on the other hand.

SECONDLY, reduce the density to ensure careful and even transplanting.

Change the equal row spacing transplantation to the wide and narrow row spacing transplantation format. According to the soil fertility level, transplanting methods and amount of stubble, the optimal transplanting density is determined at 6000-8000 plants per mu. The wide and narrow row spacing transplantation is beneficial to improve the ventilation and light transmission, facilitate the field operations and reduce the risk of
bacterial disease.

THIRDLY, make full use of the soil fertility and strive for early seedling development.

After transplanting the key to early survival and increased seedling rate lies with adequate root water irrigation. Artificial watering is advocated.

FOURTHLY, scientific fertilisation.

Using the short-term high temperature before winter, an early application of seedling fertiliser to cultivate strong seedlings are the key to high yield. In the early stage of the seedling’s vegetative growth, the main goal is to increase of leaf number and overall leaf area, along with the formation of main and lateral roots. The later stage of seedling growth during winter is the flower bud differentiation stage of the crop.

A simple fertiliser program is recommended by foliar spraying with RLF Broadacre Plus at the seedling stage.

It contains all the essential and balanced nutrients needed by rapeseed, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and magnesium. This fertiliser application will raise strong and healthy seedlings.