Between 12th – 14th June 2014 RLF attended an important Agricultural Trade Show and Forum in Kunming City, Yunnan Province.

It was the China Crop Entire-Solution Summit and the theme for 2014 was ‘Crop Solutions’.  It’s purpose was to present solutions on how to best help farmers and growers increase their crop yield.   This event is one of China’s major annual agricultural trade shows, and this year RLF was its Major Sponsor – an honour and privilege for the company.    RLF’s Managing Director Mr Ken Hancock said “we are delighted to be the major sponsor of such an esteemed event, and on behalf of Dr Mike Lu, General Manager of RLF China, I would like to thank every exhibitor, contributor and participant”.


More than 550 distributors attended the Forum.

RLF’s message to the Forum was about Fertiliser Integration, and fertiliser efficiency through the use of modern farming techniques that embrace the high-technology solutions provided by RLF’s HBS (the high-analysis broad spectrum solutions) in BSN Seed Priming, Ultra Foliars and fertigation products.  In China this includes the BSN Superstrike and BSN Ultra Seed Priming products, the Broadacre Plus and Fruits+Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar products and the Plant Milk and Dynamo fertigation products.

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Chinese farmers might be considered the hardest working farmers in the world.  They provide food for 21% of the world’s people with only 7% of the land.  This is why Chinese farmers rely on chemical fertilisers to increase the grain yield.  Up until now, the average chemical fertiliser use reached 434.3kg/ha in China, which globally is considered to be double the amount of chemical fertiliser to be used to remain within safe limits.

In fact, the absorption of fertiliser in China is very poor, and it is estimated that only 40% of fertiliser is taken up by the plants with the remainder having a detrimental effect on the land.  How to increase the uptake of fertiliser, and decrease the detrimental effects for the population caused by over fertilisation, is a big challenge for everyone involved in the agricultural industry.

RLF Offers ‘Breakfast and Dinner for your Crop’

At the Forum, RLF offered farmers and growers a new approach to this issue based on advanced science and technology.  RLF considers that this revolutionary approach will provide farmers with better outcomes and an overall better future for the population.

Mr. Ken Hancock, Managing Director of RLF Australia together with Dr Lu, General Manager of RLF China delivered a speech to the Forum titled ‘Global Seed Nutrient Treatment’ .  Also in attendance was the Head of RLF Technical, Dr. Hooshang Nassery.  RLF China was delighted to give Dr. Nassery the opportunity to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for these modern farming solutions with all who attended particularly its clients and customers.

During the speech, the crop management program used in Australia was introduced, and a new concept ‘Breakfast and Dinner for your Crop’ was put forward.  This concept attracted the attention and interest of the large audience and was of particular interest to the Distributors’ present.

  • BSN Superstrike Seed Priming is therefore equal to the ‘Breakfast for the crop’, and is offered for the first 3 to 4 weeks to deliver nutrient to the seed.  BSN gives the crop its best start.
  • Ultra Foliar CSF (Crop Specific Foliar) series of products that offers the balance of the required nutrient for the crop is therefore equivalent to the plant’s ‘Dinner’.  Only a rich and balanced nutrient-diet can give the best ‘Dinner’ – or follow-up – for the different kinds of crops and produce.


Technical Seminar

At the end of the Forum, RLF held a Technical Seminar during the afternoon of 14th June 2014.  It invited Seed Companies, Distributors, and its Key Partners to a presentation and exchange of the technical information, and to advance the claims of the concept it had earlier delivered of ‘Crop Breakfast and Dinner’.

Mr Liu, General Manager of Hepu Agricultural Co. Ltd on behalf of RLF’s Key Distributors introduced the marketing in Yunnan Province.  In the past two years, Hepu Company has conducted a series of experiments in each county of Yunnan Province, and with more than 60,000-ha of corn and rice treated with BSN Seed Priming, it averaged an increase in yield of more than 14.6%.

When Mr. Ken Hancock and RLF’s Head of Technical Dr Hooshang Nassery stood with more than 550 distributors to have photographs taken, we were very proud of this scene – and of RLF’s achievements as we help the farmers and growers in China increase their crop yields and achieve their dream — to “Let everyone have a simple and happy life”.

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As Mr Hancock concluded the Forum he said “thank you for your attendance at the 2014 China Crop Entire-Solution Summit and for your contributions as we work together to achieve better yields and outcomes.  I am immensely proud of RLF’s achievements in this area and of our world-leading products”.

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