'Farmer to Farmer' Series | Volume 8 featuring Grant Borgward

‘Farmer to Farmer’ Series | Volume 8 featuring Grant Borgward

This is an important video topic that Grant delivers today – No.8 in the series.

Paddock variability and hidden hunger are descriptive terms used to explain the realities of soil and nutrient changes within an established area, irrespective of the fact that the area has received all the standard treatments and practices.

The importance of ensuring that all of the crop has access to all of its nutrient needs is presented in an informative way to help farmers understand how the drawbacks that these two problems bring can be mitigated – and in a cost effective way.

RLF Ultra Foliar and Rapid Foliar range of products have been proven to play this role with great effect and with substantiated increased yield.

The video presentation has a wealth of information about nutrient delivery, rapid nutrient uptake, setting for maximum yield potential and ensuring sufficient supplies within the plant’s bio-mass to adequately fill the heads of grain.
View the video at the link below.

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