RLF and HOAZHIDA BIO TECH CO. join forces with tandem products
The new product combination of Golden Corn and Unilux, is a recently offered collaboration between two market leaders to help China’s farmers increase corn yield.


The new product combination of Golden Corn and Unilux, is a recently offered collaboration between two market leaders to help China’s farmers increase corn yield.

Crop nutrition and fertiliser technology is advancing at a fast pace, and the marketplace can often become a complicated environment with so many product options and choices offering different prices, different packaging, some with limited analysis data or trial and development research, or even worse with some products using ineffective or inferior commodities. This can present a level of confusion for farmers.

Similarly, crop nutrition practices have also advanced at a fast pace, and the importance of understanding plant needs, and integrating beneficial fertiliser practices to achieve maximum quality and quantity gains is also needed.

Crop Nutrition Manufacturers and Leaders Unite

This year, in an effort to bring greater transparency and strength to the market by giving more affordable products with excellent performance records, the Haozhida Biological Technology Co. Ltd joined with Rural Liquid Fertilisers Pty Ltd to launch the new product combination of Golden Corn and Unilux.

The product packaging and information about each of the products is as follows:

Golden Corn (from Haozhida Biological Technology Co. Ltd)

This product effectively regulates the process of corn growth and development. It improves root activity and the number of roots, lowers spike height, increases grain number per panicle as well as grain weight per panicle. This helps solve the common problems of bald tip, spikelet and empty pole of the corn, leading to benefits such as increased yield and quality, enhanced disease, drought and water-logging resistance together with a reduction in moisture content. At the same time, it brings lodging resistance, earlier ripening, and advantageous storage and processing qualities.

Unilux (from RLF China)

There are three main functional features for this product

1. It is rich in major elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) as has nine further secondary and trace elements together with a small molecular amino acid and a variety of biologically active substances. It is perfectly balanced to solve the antagonism between elements and fully supplements nutrition for crops. As such it prevents the occurrence of many kinds of deficiency diseases in crops such as yellow leaves, foliole, malformed fruit, tip burn, and alleviates plant sub-health.
2. It is rich in root promoting factors and soil activating factors. It can rapidly stimulate the activity and sugar supply of the root of the crop, activate soil aggregate structure, enhance crop stress resistance and improve quality and yiel
3. It adopts unique biochemical chelating technology to simplify the process of crop absorption. It can quickly penetrate the plant through the leaf cells to support the production of enhanced grain fill. The absorption rate is fast and the fertiliser effect
is lasting.

How the Products Work Together

The new product combination of Golden Corn and Unilux not only works in their own right, but they also play a synergistic role. This role of working together therefore is a feature that will give considerable assurance and confidence to the farmer.

Together they promote the vegetative growth of corn to the transformation of reproductive growth, reach the effects of full seed, decreased bald tip, bigger size and earlier ripening. These characteristics deliver an increased yield and quality outcome for corn.

The Method of Use

Put the Golden Corn (30ml or 35 grams) and Unilux (30ml or 45 grams) into a bucket containing water and mix thoroughly.

It can be sprayed after mixing and it is effective even if it is only used once in the whole corn growing season.