A range of results at your fingertips

A range of results at your fingertips

Pasture Plus has captured the attention of growers throughout Australia over the past few years.It has proven to be an outstanding success and much of the trial and demonstration work undertaken by RLF’s hard-working team headed by the Regional Manager in NSW’s New England region Mr Greg Kaynes has now been documented.

There are two forms of the information being prepared for publication. They are :

  1. Pasture plus
    This 22-page booklet tells the story of the product and its successes. It details information about the product itself.
  2. Results of Pasture Plus
    This 14-page booklet goes straight to the Results, with eight personal experiences and other trials highlighted.


The Importance of Pasture Plus
for Animal-production Enterprises
cannot be Overstated



What is it ?

Pasture Plus is a leaf-applied Ultra Foliar fertiliser that contains up to 12 nutrient elements in one single engineered High-analysis formulation.

All the nutrients needed by the plant, and all safely balanced in a Broad-spectrum solution without any chemical antagonism are delivered in every application. This is a considerable technological advance for fertiliser practice, and as the results show, is making an impact on pasture growth and the subsequent health of the animals feeding from it.


How does it work ?

Pasture Plus delivers the required quantities of nutrient to suit the plant’s optimum requirements. It promotes healthy and strong plant growth.

Only with the crop’s nutrient requirements completely satisfied can a plant achieve its maximum potential yield volume and quality – particularly considering the variables of the climate and other environmental conditions. This means that farmers and growers need to ensure that their farming practices are focused on providing the optimum nutrient to the plant during ALL stages of growth towards yield.

Why was it developed ?

Pasture Plus has been developed to give farmers and growers one of the most modern farming practice fertilisers available.

It will enable the farmer to achieve a practical and economical method of providing crop nutrition throughout the entire growth cycle of his chosen pasture crop.

What are the benefits ?

The grazing and animal-production businesses of the agricultural industry form an important part of the primary food production chain in countries all around the world. In Australia alone it is estimated that nearly 105,000 agricultural enterprises (or 77% of all agricultural businesses) carry livestock on their holdings. And of that number, 71% indicated that they held cattle and/or calves, with around 40% indicating that they carry sheep.

The benefits delivered by Pasture Plus of producing nutritionally balanced feed and pasture for stock can therefore have a wide-range of value-added outcomes.

It is expected that potential savings from animal production could be achieved through :

  • reduced need for feed supplements
  • reduced veterinary expenses
  • improved birth rates
  • lower mortality
  • improved weight gain
  • improved wool clip
  • higher quality and improved milk production

Just to name a few.

The ‘yield’ evidence is building towards advantageous outcomes, such as those listed above.

There is so much to be excited by with this exceptional product.

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