This was the Theme to RLF China’s Mid-year Team Meeting

The 2018 mid-year meeting of RLF China was hailed a great success. It was held in Hangzhou on 23rd – 24th July 2018. Dr Mike Lu, the General Manager and Ms Melanie Wu, the Deputy Manager attended the meeting, and they were joined by the heads of the Sales, Marketing and Technology Departments along with more than forty other members from the RLF Team, representing all the RLF-designated regions, services and facilities.

The mid-year meeting site

Promotional Presentation Competition for Sales Managers

This year some of the senior executives participated in a promotional presentation competition. They were required to deliver an ‘Introduction to RLF Products’ speech in which all technical aspects were conveyed. They were judged on five aspects being content, language expression and delivery skill, image and style and comprehensive impression. The judges commended the Sales Managers with high grades and encouraged them to recognise their shortcomings, learn from each other’s strengths and improve their own personal business levels.

The photo board that follows shows each of the participants delivering their presentations.

Summarising the Work of the Four Regions

The four Sales Directors being Lai Youying from Southern China, Xi Juqun from Northern China, Yin Yaolin from Central China and Ma Decao from Northeast China summarised the first half of the year through sales, promotion and problem-solving perspectives. These were important presentations because they not only recognised the excellent promotional studies in each respective region, but pointed out problems still existing that need more work for the second half of the year.

The Regional Directors

Other Key Presentations

The Conference Awards

At the end of the meeting, the Company commended the Sales Managers for their outstanding performances in the technical presentation, and team and individual effort in the first half of the year.

  • The Excellent Teams

Southern China Region

Central China Region
  • The Sales Stars

  • The Growth Stars

  • The Promotion Stars

  • The Publicity Stars

  • Top Six in the Technical Speech Presentation


When the two-day meeting concluded it was deemed a great success, including the self-recognition of the technical presentation competition and the deep discussion and contributions by everyone into the business marketing and recommitting Team efforts.

Through this meeting, the RLF Team has a clearer sense of their goals and responsibilities. And this all links back to the theme established at the very start – by working together our future is bright. All those present agreed not to forget our mission, to join forces and work together in a creative way to surpass the target set for the second half of 2018 year.

The RLF Team, Hangzhou July 2018

And now the Reward for Hard Work and Effort

Following the mid-year business and planning meeting the Team were rewarded with a day tour of Hangzhou, which has the reputation of paradise on earth. The most famous attraction in Hangzhou is the West Lake, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Join the excitement of the Team with these stunning images of what they saw and experienced. Time passed quietly and quickly with everyone in good spirits building their rapport for the teamwork needed for the second half of the year to deliver the best results for RLF China.

Team RLF taking a tour by boat on the West Lake

Breeze-ruffled lotuses beside winery which is best appreciated in summer is a famous landmark.

Wuzhen Ancient Town is a representative of the Jiangnan Water Town, and features in the TV series ‘The Ruins of the Years’. There are rivers that pass through the town, simple houses that live in the water, the long stone road and the swaying awning boat, which is a completely different life experience.
Wuzhen Impression

The Hongyuantai Dyehouse. China’s blue prints are world famous, and Wuzhen is one of the origins of these prints.
The Hongyuantai Dye-house was founded in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and you can still see the traditional printing process today.
The Three White Wine Shop is a specialty of Wuzhen. The wine is made from white rice, white wheat flour and white water. It is mellow and sweet. When you enter the winery, you can smell the strong wine aroma and it is really a
special place for those who love wine!