Attracting the Attention of Local and International Customers

The 20th China International Agricultural & Crop Protection Exhibition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on 5th March 2019. The number of exhibitors, and the scale of the exhibition group has increased rapidly over the years, and it reached new heights for the Exhibition’s 20th Anniversary. There were 1,475 enterprises represented, including 166 international exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions in addition to the national companies.

In order to expand its domestic and international brand recognition and to grow its expanding global marketing channels, RLF continues to use the platform of the CAC Agrochemical Exhibition to introduce even more products with outstanding characteristics. This year an impressive catalogue of 79 specialty liquid fertiliser products were on display.

The RLF Trade Booth

In the CAC Fertiliser Zone, there were 472 exhibiting companies showing the latest products and technologies in the industry.

The multi-element liquid fertiliser display by RLF created a beautiful ‘landscape’ that drew the attention of customers because of the world-leading chelation technology, purity and superior nutrient efficiency.

Part of the RLF Product Range on Display

Over the past 20 years, RLF has focused on the development of multi-element liquid crop nutrition fertilisers and has continued its research into the global crop growth processes. By understanding crop nutrient needs and using the world’s leading technology products it has continually enhanced its product range. This has won the confidence of agents at home and abroad, and achieved considerable joint cooperation with other agricultural providers.

RLF products are currently exported to many countries and this trend is growing. Several RLF executives were present at the Exhibition to introduce their products to industry professionals from all over the world.

Ken Hancock (left) Managing Director of
RLF communicates with international visitors to
the display.
Gavin Ball (right) Director Global Markets of RLF
listens to a customer’s needs and answers questions
on the spot.

Mike Lu (second from left) General Manager China and
Melanie Wu (second from right) Deputy General Manager
China exchanged ideas with customers from Vietnam.
A representative of the Commercial Office of the
Australian Consulate General in Shanghai visited the
RLF booth and is seen with Dr Lu.

More Action from the 2019 CAC Exhibition