RLF Technical Managers Deliver Inspirational Training to the Team

From 11th – 13th January 2020, a training and evaluation meeting for RLF China’s 2019 year was held in Shanghai. The theme was ‘Concentrating on Practices and Building the Future Together’.

An important part of any conference such as this, is the sharing of the technical knowledge and experiences gained throughout the year. Several colleagues from the Technical Department spoke of these, and the level of cultivation technology and crop nutrition knowledge was greatly improved for the Sales Team.

The Speakers and Motivators

Ma Deliang explained the basic theory of plant nutrition, such as the core ‘theory of mineral nutrition’, ‘the law of minimum nutrition’, ‘the theory of nutrient return’ and ‘the rate of diminishing returns’. At the same time – combined with the soil, fertiliser and water management in the key growth period for the citrus crop – Mr Ma explained the function principle of RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus & RLF Boron Plus in flower and fruit retention, the effect of RLF Potassium Plus in sweetening and colouring during fruit development, and the citrus post-harvest technical program management.

Qiu Mengbin has a lot of research experience in planting technology and nutrition management of cereal crops. He shared the management technology of wheat, rice and corn in their key growth periods. At the same time, based on the current growth and future potential of flight control application in the field, Mr Qiu explained the concept of ‘plant protection and nutrition’ in combination with RLF Broadacre Plus, and analysed its application in crop health cultivation from many aspects such as clear liquid, high compatibility, good sedimentation and improved control effect.
After analysing the characteristics of fruit tree nutrition, Ma Wei pointed out that the decrease of quality and resistance is closely related to the plant’s nutrition problems such as the lack or imbalance of trace elements in the soil during the planting process. RLF products have the characteristics of balanced and comprehensive nutrition, rapid absorption, and safe use. Combined with the data measurement of Wafangdian cherry and Penglai apple in 2019, Mr Ma shared the advantages and values of an RLF balanced crop nutrition program.
Li Mingdong shared the characteristics of fertiliser needs during the key growth period of the facility vegetables, analysed and explained the RLF crop nutrition programs for leafy vegetables, melons and eggplants from the standpoint of fertilisation, fertiliser requirements, principles of fertilisation, and how to apply fertilisation in combination.
Li Qiongyu gave a summary report on the mixing test of RLF Broadacre Plus – a star performing product for RLF, so as to provide a reference for the Sales Team. The mixed products included 598 fungicides, 426 insecticides and 110 herbicides, covering all kinds of common single agent and compound agent ingredients on the market, as well as all
dosage forms.


It is written that the ancients said: “We must first sharpen tools“.

The premise of concentrating on practices is profound professional ability. The RLF technical training for the Sales Team takes place every year. This training, combining experiences and knowledge from the theory of plant nutrition, to planting problems and technical solutions of cereals, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops, as well as professional planting knowledge combined with practical application of products, improves the professional knowledge of the Sales Team. This effectively ‘sharpens their tools of trade’ ready to solve problems for our customers and farmers.

In 2020 it is RLF’s resolve to continue to build a professional Sales Team that can meet customer needs and solve customer problems with great efficiency and effect.