Wheat Production in Hubei Province is Expected to Rise
The RLF Team recently visited grain growers in Hubei Province who had indicated a willingness to introduce BSN Superstrike into their fertiliser programs for the first time. The RLF Sales Manager for the region demonstrated how to use the hightechnology, nutritional seed priming product in order to give the wheat crops the best possible start in setting yield potential and for ultimately achieving increased yield outcomes.

By comparing the different stages of root and shoot growth between that of a Control field, and the field that used BSN Superstrike on the wheat seed, significant effects can be seen.

The Program and Observation Outcomes

The schedule for this evaluation trial was as follows :

Seed Priming date 12th October 2016
Germination date 24th November 2016
First Observation date 15th January 2017
Second Observation date 20th February 2017
Location Buhe Town, Gongan County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province
Plot size 4 Mu (0.3 hectares) divided into two plots – one for Control, one for RLF treated seed
Application details 100ml BSN Superstrike diluted with 500ml water spread evenly by hand over 20 Jin
(10 kg) wheat seed
Seed Priming date 12th October 2016

Priming the Seed

RLF staff guide the farmers in seed priming techniques and explain the benefits

First Observation Day

At the first observation date (15th January 2017) the effect of BSN Superstrike on the wheat is not all that obvious. However as the days progressed the results became clearer.

Second Observation Day

The Farmer inspecting the differences between the two plots
When compared, the wheat treated with BSN Superstrike had a much more developed root system, numerous white roots, stout stems and more tiller growth and numbers than the Control field.

Whilst at the same time, the first flag leaf of the wheat treated with BSN Superstrike was still green, whereas the first flag leaf of the Control plot had died.

In short, the wheat treated with BSN Superstrike gave remarkable effects, and the local farmers were very satisfied with the application outcomes. They all expressed the desire to use BSN Superstrike on their wheat crops to be planted in the second half
of 2017.

The Seed Priming Product Used

BSN Superstrike is a highly engineered seed priming product developed to provide the required level of optimal nutrients (particularly phosphorus) directly to the seed. This is achieved by priming (or imbibing) so that the seed has internal nutrient available to it from the very first day of its growth cycle.

This achieved by :

About the Wheat Growing Region

In China the Hubei Province has the title of granary.

The summer grain crops are the principal grain harvests for increasing the income of farmers, so modern fertiliser programs such as those being trialled and evaluated with
BSN Superstrike have high importance.

The Hubei wheat planting area will reach in excess of 17 million Mu (1,133,333 hectares) this year, with output amounting to over 8 billion Jin (4,000,000,000 kg). The farmers of Hubei Province have experienced their biggest crop ever this year.