Awarded as part of the China National Rice Growing Advancement
In order to boost the development of the rice industry, and to help bring about effective solutions for rice growers and related rice industry service providers,


In order to boost the development of the rice industry, and to help bring about effective solutions for rice growers and related rice industry service providers, the 2017 Rice Solution Forum was hosted by the magazine called ‘Agriculture and the Market’. It was held in the Grand Skylight International Hotel in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on 30th March 2017.

Rice experts and rice growers from all over the country attended the meeting.

The 2017 Rice Solution Forum Site

Rice Growing in China

China’s rice cultivation area is about 450 million Mu (a Chinese unit of area with 1 acre being approximately equivalent to 6.07 Mu. 1 Mu is approximately equal to 667m2).

China’s total output is about 204 million tons, ranking first in the world. However, the national crop suffers from more than 300 different kinds of pests and diseases in rice, which is also one of the most complex crops in applying crop
protection applications.

The Award Ceremony of fertiliser star products for rice growing. Dr Mike Lu,
General Manager RLF China is in the middle of the picture 7th from the left.
In order to allow the majority of farmers to enjoy access to plant protection products and crop nutrition fertilisers with better control effects and higher cost performance, the magazine created a special collection of the fertiliser star products. The stars identify which products are effective in increasing production and improving quality for the whole country.

RLF Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar was awarded the honour of the star product in national rice growing area.

Dr Mike Lu speaking to the meeting

RLF delivers Key Note Address

Dr Mike Lu was invited to make a presentation speech to the gathering. It was titled ‘The Rice Nutrition Program for an era of Great Agriculture’. Speaking about the vital importance the role of nutrition plays, Dr. Lu’s message was very well received.

Opportunities for Delivering the Message

The RLF staff team established an information booth during the event and it won wide attention from both industry peers and
rice growers.

The RLF team were kept busy with interested customers

About Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar

It is an Ultra Foliar Fertiliser with 12 essential nutrients. Nutrients are taken up by the leaf through the cell walls for the plant’s immediate use. High-analysis and Broad-spectrum for all broadacre crops, but especially beneficial for rice crops.

  • increases growth and improves yield qualities
  • guards against soil nutrient variability and deficiency
  • delivers a greater size and volume root system
  • returns more matter to the soil enhancing natural soil fertility
One of the most important features of Broadacre Plus is that it unlocks previously unavailable phosphorus. This then is given to the plant to achieve greater yield whilst providing the plant with the resilience it needs to handle the extremes of climate and to guard against pest attack or onset of disease. This is a very important role of Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar.


RLF is specialised fertiliser company with commitment to advancing modern farming practices and products, along with the necessary in-field practical help and resources for farmers world-wide.

RLF leads the world with high quality liquid fertilisers that promote efficiency and greater economic return. They are researched, developed and trialled by experts in the field of plant science and are all based on the physiology of plants. This is why they
are effective.

It was a great honour to have one of our specialised fertiliser products recognised by the industry and awarded such high praise. It is RLF’s mission to work alongside farmers to deliver better on-farm profits and healthier foods, so we accept and celebrate this achievement with pride.