Excellent Yield and Profit Details from RLF’s Demonstration Site
at Canowindra NSW Australia
by Carol Phillips, Executive Consultant Communications and Media

RLF proudly releases the results of the ‘Brittas’ Harvest conducted at its demonstration site at Canowindra NSW, Australia.

The story of this particular harvest was previously the subject of the video presentation titled IFM IN ACTION (released 21/11/14 – a fortnight before harvest). And today, a further video presentation is released to accompany the announcement of the yield and profit results. This presentation is set against a backdrop of spectacular aerial imagery of harvesting at Nyngan in Australia.

And the profit results from the ‘Brittas’ Trial – and the fully integrated fertiliser management (IFM) program in particular – are equally spectacular.

Trial supervisor Mr Richard Stone, RLF’s Field Operations Manager NSW comments “that this significant result was even more impressive, as it was obtained with reduced soil inputs, as well as a below average dry spring and crop finishing period”.

In releasing the accompanying video today RLF hopes to capture just how simple the IFM program is – and how achievable healthy, beneficial yields and profits are. You are encouraged to embrace the change from historic fertiliser routines to one that gives great advantage to your business – by embracing Seed, Soil and Leaf – an integrated approach to fertiliser management.

It is a new approach.

It is the ‘modern-farming future’. One of improved crop performance and increased yield.

The crop was harvested on 28th November 2014 with the Trial being supervised by Mr Richard Stone, RLF’s Field Operations Manager NSW, Australia. If you would like more information about IFM or wish to discuss the outcomes of this Trial in much further detail please contact Richard at rstone@rlf.com.au

Click here to watch the Video