'Farmer to Farmer' Series | Volume 13 featuring Grant Borgward

‘Farmer to Farmer’ Series | Volume 13 featuring Grant Borgward

The process of seed preparation (and seed quality protection) is high on the list of things to do for any farmer.

The practical aspects of this task are fairly straightforward, but what is not thought about quite so much is the paddock variability that comes from the paddock from which the grain has just
been harvested.

Seeds are highly variable, and this is the main reason that RLF introduced BSN Seed
Priming technology.

The phosphorous in BSN will increase the total phosphorous by 30%. This then sets the plant for a much more vigorous germination and gives it the building blocks to grow bigger root systems. There is so much to value about BSN Seed Primer.

View the video at the link below and discover how all the trace element nutrient needs are boosted.

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