'Farmer to Farmer' Series | Volume 4 featuring Grant Borgward

‘Farmer to Farmer’ Series | Volume 4 featuring Grant Borgward

Grant looks at what it is exactly that he wants when he applies nutrient to his crops in this the fourth video of the Farmer to Farmer series.

He wants a good analysis product – but he also wants one that gives rapid uptake of that nutrient into the plant.

This is a very important consideration and Grant explains why in this presentation.

The big difference is in the delivery mechanisms of different products – whether or not the product sits on the outside of the leaf (relying on uptake through the stomata) or whether it gets taken up very quickly into the leaf (through the leaf cells).

Phosphorus based product, with scientifically developed nutrient delivery technology, gets trace elements into the leaf within 30 minutes. The plant can then start utilising that
nutrient immediately.

“This is the product for me” says Grant.

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