RLF Team China participates in Training and Personal Development Program
The theme for the 2017 Training Program was agreed upon by the Team as ”Be brave in pioneering and excelling yourself”.

Team Training in Inner Mongolia

The theme for the 2017 Training Program was agreed upon by the Team as ”Be brave in pioneering and excelling yourself”.

The RLF China Team recently enjoyed a two-day training and personal development experience on the beautiful prairie grasslands of Inner Mongolia. It allowed the Team to learn more about each other, share the goals and aspirations of the company and develop personal plans for excelling in their professional capacities. During these two days they enjoyed many challenges and unique experiences, such as horse riding, archery, appreciating the environmental beauty and isolation, socialisation around the bonfire, signature Mongolian food and the joyous hospitality of their hosts.

It was a thoroughly invigorating and enjoyable two days and the photo-board that follows gives many highlights of the team
building sessions.

The RLF China Team arrived at the Huitengxile prairie on 16th July 2017. After being greeted and served hada and buttered tea as they alighted from the bus, all exhaustion on the body from the long journey suddenly disappeared.

The day officially began with the RLF China team development training project. First of all, let’s warm up! Shake hands, give a hug….. Get to know the buddy who will be with you morning and night, over the next two days.

The Team separates into three groups. They are the RED Team (who called themselves ‘The Prairie Wolves’, the YELLOW Team (‘The Eagles’) and the BLUE Team (who chose the name ‘The Wild Horses’).

They chose slogans for themselves and these were:

The Prairie Wolves : ‘Wolves walk thousands of miles and howls’

The Eagles : ‘Eagles rule the skies’

The Wild Horses : ‘No one could stand against ten thousand stampeding horses’

Once the war cries were chosen this heightened the vigorous spirits of the Team members. It made them ready to do battle.

The Team Challenges

1. Challenge 150 (Time Management and Cooperation)

As the name suggests, Challenge 150 sets a series of seemingly difficult challenges all to be completed within 150 seconds. The combination of multiple projects often presents a comprehensive challenge to Team members and the aim of Challenge 150 is to improve time management ability for better performance. The tasks set as part of this activity are often referred to as “life and death within 150 seconds” or “the devil training combination”.

World Ball Challenge
This activity needs eight partners each holding cloth to control the course of the ball. No one is to touch the ball and the ball must stay on the cloth for the duration – it is not allowed to fall. From start to finish you can challenge the success. Looking at the nervous expression on the faces of the partners and upon hearing their laughter after winning, their determination can be felt.
The Team Transfer Challenge
The activity demands all members of the team join hands and form a circle. They then pass the hoop from one Team member to the next without unclasping hands. This activity tests the tacit understanding amongst Team members as they cooperate and move together to achieve the aim.
The Obstacle Challenge
Each team lines up in a row. The objective of this activity is for Team members to challenge the “stumbling block” coach by finger play, one by one. The winners can pass, the losers need to rejoin the team and continue to challenge the obstacle. The activity is not complete until all Team members pass the challenge. There is a saying that goes, “one flower bloom is not a garden, but all flowers blooming together maketh the garden”. Only when everyone in the team achieves, can the whole team win!

The Challenge 150 project not only honed the coordination and team work ability of the RLF Team, but also taught the value of thinking about other Team members, working collaboratively together, and managing time constraints better. At the same time, the game increased the team members’ awareness of the overall situation of working together to achieve team goals.

2. ‘Thinking Outside the Square’ (Decision Making)

The Training Coach divided the three teams into six groups, and then chose a member from each group to organise itself into a seventh group. This is representative of the RLF China Team which forms seven groups belonging to three teams. And the seventh group is the core of each team. Each group has five pieces of an incomplete puzzle, a full jigsaw puzzle picture, and a task book. Each completed task will receive the corresponding points in the target set of 40 minutes and each team has the potential to reach
1000 points.

The Decision Making, Wisdom Challenge (Each group has started brainstorming to get success in the shortest possible time.)
Solving this challenge relies on effective communication amongst Team members. This communication involves the sharing of, and reasonable allocation of resources to strengthen cooperation.

The Prairie Wolves Team won the final victory through fierce competition and team cooperation, and the General Manager Dr Mike Lu awarded a souvenir camel doll to each member of the winning team to express congratulations. Each member of the Prairie Wolves Team was happy with the result.

The presentation to the Prairie
Wolves Team
There is much to learn from the spirit of the Prairie Wolves Team. The prairie wolves live in a social group, and every wolf must bear the responsibility for the prosperity and development of the pack. Similarly, a ‘wolf team’ refers to an effective, cooperative team. Only unity and cooperation and a common sense of purpose are the key to the success for a team!

The heart of RLF China Team is connected more closely by this training and personal development experience.

Each member was able to feel and perceive the strength of the team unit, and realised the importance of mutual help.

We are proud of the united, cooperative and fearless RLF Team.

The group photo

The passionate RLF team

The Social Activities at the end of Team Training

The attraction of the beautiful scenery could not be resisted and the prairie walk began. Walking on the boundless prairie is like walking in the clouds. The blue sky connects with it, and the white clouds echo it, showing a picture of grassland scenery.

Prairie Walking

They say that to come to the grasslands without riding horses is just like looking at a landscape painting. Team members all rushed to the horses, filled with joy and anticipation as soon as arriving. Looking at the blue sky and white clouds, it seems that all the troubles have vanished! Facing such a scene, people can’t help singing loudly.

Horseback Riding


Wrestling and a Show of Strength

Happy moments were shared around the bonfire with Mongolian dance, Matouqin performances, hada, and horse milk wine. They sat around the fire, counted the stars, and participated fully. How pleasant it is to experience the sweetness of the pastoral life on the soft prairie grasslands.

The Bonfire Party

Desert recreation

After the training session Team China travelled into Xiangshawan, which is located in the east of Kubuqi Desert, Dalad Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It is the largest Desert Tourism Leisure Resort in China. The Team were rewarded with experiences such as the world’s first desert cableway and enjoyed the fun of sand skiing. Then came the camel rides that strolled in a train in the boundless yellow sand, whilst listening to the peal of bells. The wonderful performances of the first-class Mongolia National Art Troupe were also appreciated.

So much enjoyment was experienced that it was hard to go back home.

Scenes from the Desert Recreation Day

Fly High Team China, Be Brave and Excel

Capturing the Moment

Two days of intense team training and development, followed by a brief pause to enjoy each other’s company has re-set the Team for renewed vigour and excitement for the tasks ahead. It is hoped that the many skills learned during this time will feature strongly in the year ahead.

The RLF China 2017 prairie trip has ended.

Now fully equipped, let us work together for the bright future of RLF.

The RLF China team