'Farmer to Farmer' Series | Volume 3 featuring Grant Borgward

‘Farmer to Farmer’ Series | Volume 3 featuring Grant Borgward

In today’s video Grant talks about a very broad fertiliser principle.

And that principle is the application of trace elements.

Traditionally, applications consist of super-phosphate, copper and zinc. These are applied as granular, or in other words employ a soil-based fertiliser delivery system. Grant considers the ‘numbers’ (inherently understood by all farmers) around this practice, and comes up with an alternative way – a better way – to apply trace elements. The result is increased outcomes on many different farming fronts – economic, yield potential, improved health and growth of the crop and pro-active practice in support of continued soil fertility.

So, the very broad general fertiliser principle, is for granular fertilisers to supply the bulk of the major nutrients, with foliar fertilisers giving all the trace element needs because they are supplied in this year’s crop.

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