Amazing Return of Investment
439% Return in 90 days for Pasture Plus

Another satisfied client contributes to give evidence to the significant result of RLF Products to their crops.

In early August to October 2014, farmer Dan Hunt applied ‘Pasture Plus’ to a 40Ha of pasture that was sewn down with 50kgs / Ha of oats in Moonganna, Walcha NSW.

The “Pasture Plus” was applied at the rate of 2 litre per Ha. They ran 45 heifers and steers from the time of spraying (early August) through to the end of October, on the “Pasture Plus” treated paddocks.

Normally at this time of the year, and on these paddocks, they average 1.2kg weight gain per day. Knowing that 2014 has been one of the driest years on record, they weighed the cattle off at the end of October and were absolutely delighted to see that the cattle had average 1.78kg weight gain per day. This is an increase of 48% over their previous average.

This was an amazing return for them were they had invested $28 per Ha in ‘Pasture Plus’ foliar including spraying cost and in return, they earned an additional $123 per Ha in just 3 months.

According to Dan Hunt “I must say that initially I was sceptical that the product would work as Greg had said it would. What I have seen since applying the “Pasture Plus” has amazed me. My father and I saw a visible improvement in the crop within 4 days of spraying. I have seen huge root growth development, massive increase in yield and the quality of the feed, as we can see from the weight gain, has improved dramatically. We will continue to use Pasture Plus in
our operations.”

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Dan hunt

Dan Hunt
Moonganna, Walcha NSW