Hunan Province China hosts a remarkable day

Hunan Province China hosts a remarkable day


The second agricultural information exchange meeting and product display fair for Hunan Province was held in the Red Star International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Changsha City on 9th November 2016.

Many agricultural experts from both inside and outside the Province, together with the leaders in agricultural machinery systems, cooperative agricultural mechanisation groups, agricultural services companies and big farmers all attended the meeting.

Almost ten thousand people attended on the day.

The Opening Ceremony

RLF was pleased to have been part of the event and promoted the products BSN Superstrike, Broadacre Plus, Fruits & Veggies Plus, Potassium Plus, Calcium Plus, Boron Plus, Rapid Zinc, Plant Milk-High K, Plant Milk-High N, Dynamo-High N, Dynamo-High P, Dynamo-High K, to name just a few, on
the day.

RLF‘s product display attracted a large number of agricultural service organisations and big farmers who came to discuss continuing cooperation opportunities.

Featuring RLF product Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus

One of the RLF products that received a lot of attention from visitors to the Product Display Fair was Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus.

Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus is a High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution (HBS) that applies nutrient delivery technology to deliver nutrients through the leaf. It is highly concentrated and contains the optimum amount of 12 nutrients with one single application.

Because of this Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus endows the plant with the ability to guard against soil nutrient variability and deficiency and ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities.

Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus is a quality specialty fertiliser product that is popular with farmers throughout China and the RLF staff team was delighted to share product knowledge and farmers’ experiences.