RLF Nutrition Program Delivers the Best Results

The RLF China Team recently initiated the High-yielding peanut nutrition program and it achieved excellent results in the northeastern peanut growing region.

The view of the peanut field treated with the RLF products

Site Details & Location

Observation time Throughout September 2017
Test address Wangjia Town, Dengta City, Liaoning Province and Changtu County, Tieling City, Liaoning Province
Test site requirements A flat, medium fertility, representative 2-3 mu (0.1 3-0.2 hectare) area land as the demonstration field, with the Control field adjacent and under the same condition.

Product Input Details

The high yielding nutrition program

Results and Comparisons

On peanut grains

On peanut productivity

The peanuts treated with the RLF product have stronger vigorous growing ability.

On peanut yield

By weight measuring the yield of the same number peanuts under the different treatments, the peanut yield by RLF treated was 1.05 jin (0.52kg), Control 1 was 0.6 jin (0.3kg), and Control 2 was 0.95 jin (0.47kg).

On peanut quality

The excellent application effects of the RLF peanut high yield nutrition program can best be summed up as follows:

Stronger vigorous growing control ability.
Darker green leaves and strong disease resistance. In contrast, the Control peanut leaves are thin and yellow.
Plumpness and better maturity of peanut seeds.
Higher yield. Compared with Control 1, the RLF-treated peanut yield increased by 0.45 jin (0.23kg) under the same number peanuts. And compared with Control 2, the RLF-treated peanut increased by 0.1 jin (0.05kg) under the same number peanuts and had lower costs.

The local peanut growers were more than satisfied with the benefits and effects of the program. It gave them savings with less input investment needed plus more income from the peanuts because of size and quality.

RLF’s Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar played an important and crucial part in the higher yielding program as it combined with crop protection chemicals from accredited companies to give the peanut crop both nutrition and protection. It provided the peanut crop with a variety of nutrient elements in the peanut rosette stage, peanut needle lower ligation period and fruit swelling stage. Timely supplemental crop nutrition strengthens the plant’s growing control ability, promotes the early maturity of the peanut and improves the maturity of peanut stem to a great extent.

About Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar