An increase of 1860 Yuan per Mu for this Highly Nutritional Value Food Source

For Castanea growers who remember the ‘Half Cost, Better Castanea’ Demonstration Meeting held in Fujian Province during August of 2020, the results are now in. Under the same field management and at half the cost, RLF’s Better Castanea Foliar Program has delivered a better result and effect than the Control program.

Mid to late September is the maturing time for Castanea, so it was at this time that the RLF Technical Team revisited the fields to test the true yield and quality.

For those who need a reminder, Castanea is a member of the chestnut family.

The RLF Better Castanea Program

Location Shui Yuan village, Jian ‘ou City, Fujian Province
Crop Type Castanea Henryi
Crop Nutrition Program Application Date Products Used and Usage Amounts
28th April, 2020 Foliar: Broadacre Plus 200ml + Boron Plus 50ml + Water 250kg
4th July, 2020 Foliar: Broadacre Plus 200ml + Boron Plus 50ml + Water 150kg
31st July, 2020 Foliar: Broadacre Plus 200ml + Boron Plus 50ml + Water 150kg

The Comparisons

  • Leaf Comparison

The leaves in the control area became brittle, and the ageing leaves degenerated. Demonstration area leaves touched thickness, toughness and glossy. Meanwhile, the retention rate of ageing leaves is higher. This is vital to the accumulation of nutrients in the tree body after harvest. It will directly affect the differentiation of flower buds and the ratio of male and female flowers next year, thus improving the “only have flowers but not fruit”.

  • Fruit Comparison

Fifty samples were randomly picked in the RLF-treated and Control areas respectively.

Amongst the fifty fruits collected from the Control area, 16 were large fruits, 17 were medium fruits, and 17 were small fruits. Small fruit accounted for about 34% of the total selection. The total weight of the 50 fruits was about 493g, with the average fruit weighing 9.86g.

The fifty fruits collected from the RLF-treated area were relatively uniform. The difference between the maximum fruit diameter and the minimum fruit diameter was only about 0.5cm. Amongst the fifty fruits, there were 33 large fruits and 12 medium fruits. Small fruits only numbered 5, accounting for 10%. The total fruit weight of the 50 fruits was 675g, with the average fruit weight being 13.5g, which was significantly higher than the average fruit weight of the Control fruits.

  • Cost and Yield Comparison

Under the same crop management, the foliar Control scheme used regulator + boron fertiliser + micro fertiliser. The cost was 42 yuan/time/mu.

The RLF-treated demonstration area foliar scheme, used Broadacre Plus and Boron Plus. The cost was 19.5 yuan/time/mu. The cost of the RLF foliar fertiliser program was only half the cost of the Control.

Average fruit weight(g) Average weight (g) Estimated yield (kg/per tree) Estimated yield (kg/per mu) Increased yield (kg/per mu)
Control 493 9.86 10.85 434
RLF-treated 675 13.50 14.85 594 160

There was an average of forty trees per mu in both the Control and Demonstration areas.

It is expected to yield 433kg per mu in the Control, whilst the RLF-treated area is expected to produce 594kg per mu. This means that the yield is estimated to increase by 160kg per mu.

According to the fresh fruit purchase price of 12 yuan/kg in 2020, and after deducting the input cost (19.5 yuan/time *3 times =58.5 yuan), using RLF’s ‘Better Castanea’ crop nutrition program, the benefit per mu would increase by 1861.5 yuan.