Setting the Agenda for the Year Ahead

Team China met recently to review and reflect upon their efforts in 2017 and to plan for a successful 2018. This is the Annual Work Summary meeting and during this gathering all members of the staff team contributed in a very energetic way to ensure
collective excellence.

In their own words, (roughly translated into English), they expressed it this way:

“Time is a one-way trip, and in a moment we have stepped into the 2018. The annual meeting of the RLF is on the way, and all the staff get together today. With our most lively, most upwards and most energetic side, to show the vitality of RLF Company’s flourishing development”.

The RLF team

2017 was an important year for RLF. The team promoted the company’s great product performance results building yet again on the previous years results.

The regional Marketing Directors summarise the work of 2017 and share the 2018 working plan.

The regional Sales Manager representatives share and summarise their growth and harvest for the 2017 year.

The Technical Director Ma Deliang, and Technical Manager Li Qiongyu deliver their summaries and product training.

“An excellent team shapes excellent team culture. And an excellent culture develops good team members”.

Dr. Mike Lu thanked all the employees for their hard work in 2017 and gave awards to the outstanding team members.

Here is a photo round-up of some of those awards:

Team culture at RLF recognises that everyone has unique characteristics that can be nurtured and developed. That as part of the RLF team, aspirations and dreams can be worked towards, and that together both the company and the individual can grow and bloom.

RLF China thanks all its Team Members and looks forward to 2018.
Together we can make dreams fly!