10 Big Trends for Agriculture Industry in the next 30 years

This Insight shares the article of Jim Carroll – Trends and Innovation Expert and recognised worldwide as a ‘thought leader’ and authority on: global trends; rapid business model change; business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty; and the necessity for fast paced innovation.
According to Jim Carroll, here’s the Top 10 list of what he sees happening in the Agriculture Industry in the next
30 years.

1. Massive Growth in food demand
2. A continuing ramp-up in efficiency
3. Hyper-science
4. Innovation defines success
5. Retail and packaging innovation drive agricultural decisions
6. Intelligent packaging moves front and center
7. The energy opportunity
8. Convenience and health take center stage
9. Direct consumer-producer relationships blossom
10. Generational transformation
11. Partnership defines success

Also in this Insight, Gavin Ball- RLF Director, Global Markets shares his views and comments about how RLF really does have a big part to play in these future growth areas of agriculture.

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