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To achieve a high yield of soybean, it is necessary to foliar supplement the secondary and trace elements at the important and different stages of soybean growth. RLF’s foliar crop nutrition program for soybean aims at strengthening leaves to enhance photosynthesis. This enables a higher pod bearing rate with full-grain of soybean being achieved....Read More
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It is often said that agriculture is the only essential industry on earth. This then is all the more reason to understand the important role that you can play in underwriting the FROM THE ARCHIVES We revisit parts of a Special Report written in 2016 that addressed the importance of the soil and offered considerations […]...Read More
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Heilongjiang Province is located in the northern most part of China and is a high-quality rice production base. Rice farmer, Mr Liu planted 600 mu of rice this year in Fuyu County, and he used RLF Broadacre Plus on 585 mu of it. This is his story. On 15th October 2020, the RLF Team held […]...Read More
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This is an inspirational story and one that should be shared. In a pigment pepper field in Linhe District, Bayannaoer, in Inner Mongolia, the dazzling red colour comes into view, and more than 20 workers can be seen picking the fruit – it is a bustling harvest scene. Farmer Xu is pleased to see the […]...Read More
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Evaluation Program Location Qiao Si Farm, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Crop Strawberry Trial Area 4 mu Usage Dates Products Applied 28th July Foliar Spray with Fruits and Veggies Plus + water: 1:500 Foliar Spray with Power PK + Water: 1:500 9nd August Foliar Spray with Power PK + Water: 1:500 Prior to the […]...Read More
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Commentators and recognised agricultural experts agree that the trends in the global agricultural industry for the coming two or three decades are quite clear. FROM THE ARCHIVES We revisit parts of a Special Report written in 2015 that considered the importance of protecting our soils. RLF’s integrated fertiliser management program builds natural...Read More
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Sunburn is a physiological disease caused by the continuous exposure of the peel to the hot sun during the growth or ripening process of citrus fruits. The danger seasons each year for citrus sunburn in the South East of China is from July to September. It is one of the leading causes of abnormality in […]...Read More
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From 2019, RLF China began to promote its special Better Profit (BP) Project on key crops, such as wheat, rice, potato and corn. Q.     What exactly is the BP Project? A.     It’s a specially packaged crop nutrition program using RLF Broadacre Plus and RLF PowerPK. On 20th August 2019, the workers […]...Read More
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LET’S DEFINE THE WORD RE-IMAGINE. It means ‘to think about again – especially in order to change or improve’. LET’S CONSIDER THESE TRIAL CROP OUTCOMES. Each has been conducted with, and evaluated after, using an RLF crop nutrition program. CONTROL CROP RLF-TREATED CROP DETAILS AND OUTCOMES Description WHEAT comparison Location: Turkey Dat...Read More
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These pictures tell an amazing story. It is the experience of one Victorian grower and his lentil crop. And the truly amazing feature is that this dramatic response happened within the space of just one week. The Key Ingredient After discussion with RLF’s NSW Fields Operations Manager Richard Stone and Plant Nutritionist and Head of […]...Read More
Root Boost
Broad-Spectrum Seed Priming With ten nutrients Interceptor XS is the most versatile of Seed Priming products. It can be use...
Ultra Foliar
Solving the Nutrient Deficiency Problem Every crop, and every plant, has a quantitatively different nutrient need. But the ...
Benefits Specialised Product for Irrigation Dynamo High-N contains chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metaboli...
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