Fight back, frame a different mind-set, and explore what options are available! This is the message that farmers need to hear when faced with a dry start to the season. Specialty liquid fertilisers are bringing new technologies to the agricultural marketplace and new hope to farmers who are tired of accepting that there is nothing they can do about poor seasons. RLF is at the forefront of these technologies and understands how scientifically researched and developed products help. RLF has a range of products that not only bring short term reprieve for crops, but also long term benefits for soils. There is no need to give up, or give in to a dry season – feed the plant via the leaf when they cannot obtain these nutrients readily through their root systems. Read on to better understand the scientifically researched and developed products RLF is offering to provide energy and encouragement for stronger root systems so they can better access what moisture reserves are in the soil, and how follow up foliar spraying can continue this good start with support during grain set and fill and for driving yield.


Recently, independent laboratory-based microbial testing was carried out to examine the early growth of a canola crop in South Australia. One section of the trial crop was treated with BSN Superstrike (BSNSS) and the other treated with a competitor seed treatment product. Whilst there were limitations with the scope of the microbial testing, it can clearly be seen that the BSN-treated plants produced at least double the rhizosphere mass than that of the competitor product. This is an affirming and positive story for farmers and growers who want to set their crops up with the best possible start. The crop and the test results can be viewed here.

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