RLF’s core business is delivering agronomic plant nutrition solutions for all agricultural enterprises whether large and commercial, or small scale and local. This Special Report outlines the importance of choosing the right fertiliser for the most efficient and targeted response required. Understanding the science behind RLF specialty crop nutrition products is key to getting the very best outcomes. View it here or download for future reference.

GROUNDNUT –The humble Peanut provides heroic Opportunities for Asia Region Agribusiness

Groundnut, also known as Peanut, is a staple crop for many regions throughout the Asia region and is also grown successfully in Australia. Peanuts are a natural and versatile food source. They underpin sustainable farming for many small-scale farmers, and support the health and economic viability of millions of people throughout the world. This Special Report (the second in the Spotlight On Series) puts it into a regional perspective and gives an optimistic outlook for this important legume crop.

SUGAR CANE Opportunity and innovation may secure an even brighter future for this crop

RLF is at the forefront of crop nutrition for sugarcane. Its highly-specialised products give enormous advantage to sugarcane growers as the results and data from evaluation trials in Australia attest. And the opportunity and innovation that is currently injecting itself into the sugarcane industry can drive this success even further. This Special Report looks at the state of the sugarcane industries in both Australia and the Asia region, and examines the expected demands for growth. The outlook is positive. Sugarcane is an important cash and trading crop, with Australia being one of the world’s top 3 exporters. Apart from raw sugar it can provide valuable resources for animal feed, bioelectricty and biofuel. You are encouraged to learn about the value-adding opportunities for sugarcane so that RLF’s products can be recommended and trialled amongst your customer base

PASTURES AND GRASSLANDS – A GLOBAL SNAPSHOT Can they be sustainably managed ?

Pastures and grasslands cover more than 25% of the earth’s land surface. And they are under pressure. They account for more than half of the volume of the human food production chain, and competition exists between animal-carrying pastures and cropping lands for grain and other crops and produce. Can they be sustainably managed for the future ? And what are the implications for the world-wide agricultural industry ? This Special Report takes a wide-ranging look at this pivotal sector. It looks at the trends and the crop nutrition products and functions developed by RLF that provide support to a healthy and sustainable pasture system.

PROTECTING YOUR MOST VITAL ASSET – What you can do for your Soil

Soil sustains life.

Healthy soil is not only the foundation of the world’s food system but the foundation also of your agricultural enterprise.

Healthy soils produce healthy crops and pastures that in turn provide nutrition and daily sustenance for people everywhere.

Maintaining healthy soils demands understanding, knowledge, care and effort from farmers and growers everywhere. Our soils are not endlessly accommodating, benevolent, generous, good-natured and giving – they are a living, dynamic ecosystem that requires both understanding and management if they are to survive and keep performing well.

PEAK PHOSPHORUS – WHAT IS IT ? – And why understanding this global challenge for agriculture is important

Peak phosphorus is a defined concept. It is accepted and used globally to describe the point in time that maximum global phosphorus production is reached.

From this (future) point in time, access to phosphorus reserves will decline and become less available to many markets. This – not only because of its scarcity – but also because high production costs, limited geographical availability and extreme market competition will put this resource outside of the reach of many markets, particularly smaller developing marketplaces.

The Importance of Potassium Potassium contributes to soil fertility by maintaining favourable soil pH. This in turn, is ess...
Root Boost
Root Boost is the category given to describe the RLF products designed to focus on plant early vigor and root development. ...
Benefits Specialised Product for Irrigation Dynamo High-N contains chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metaboli...
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