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July 29, 2016
Opportunity and innovation may secure an even brighter future for this crop

RLF is at the forefront of crop nutrition for sugarcane. Its highly-specialised products give enormous advantage to sugarcane growers as the results and data from evaluation trials in Australia attest. And the opportunity and innovation that is currently injecting itself into the sugarcane industry can drive this success even further. This Special Report looks at the state of the sugarcane industries in both Australia and the Asia region, and examines the expected demands for growth. The outlook is positive. Sugarcane is an important cash and trading crop, with Australia being one of the world’s top 3 exporters. Apart from raw sugar it can provide valuable resources for animal feed, bioelectricty and biofuel. You are encouraged to learn about the value-adding opportunities for sugarcane so that RLF’s products can be recommended and trialled amongst your customer base

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