RLF Product is formulated. Design is created through the application of plant physiology and advanced chemistry. The formulations are then rigorously and thoroughly tested in RLF Laboratory test before manufacture.

Testing + certification

Technical grade raw materials are sourced from RLF accredited product suppliers. Samples of raw materials are tested and certified in RLF Laboratory. ONLY Approved raw materials are used in the manufacture process.


Materials (technical grade raw materials) are purchased from approved supplier sources. Delivery logistics are managed to facilitate the timely arrival at RLF manufacturing facilities in order to maintain uninterrupted manufacture and reliable supply.

Testing + Inspection

Materials (technical grade raw materials) are inspected and tested by authorized RLF technical staff before being approved and released for use in the RLF manufacturing process.

Testing + certification

Materials are introduced into the reaction tank with treated water by an authorized RLF Production Technician. Water is treated with deionizer and filtered before being used.


Formulation Mixture is blended by using agitation and temperature control. These functions are performed by an authorised RLF Production Technician.

Decant to Storage

The blended formulation mixture is decanted to storage for settling to occur. Once the formulation mixture has settled the sediment is removed.

Sediment Removal

Sediment is removed and the formulation mixture is then filtered.

Sampled + Tested for Quality

Finished formulation mixture is sampled. Samples are tested for Quality Control by an authorized RLF Technician. Once PASSED the formulation mixture is classified as PRODUCT, approved and DATED for release.

Bulk Stored

The RLF product is stored prior to packaging.

Filtered for Packing

The RLF product is filtered into packaging machines. The packaging machines accordingly fill the RLF products into the selected sized packaging, then date and then label in compliance with requirements.

Packed + Checked

Products are packaged by weight and checked to correct volumes.

Sampled for Quality control

Random packaged products are sampled for confirmation they meet the specified requirements and PASS quality controls. They are then authorized for release.


RLF product is stored and warehoused before being dispatched to customers.


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