Eliminate Seed Variability

Every Seed is Different

Seed variability occurs naturally and has been generally accepted as a normal part of farming practice.

Every seed is different.

Within each seed lot, variations in size and quality occur as a result of factors encountered during seed production (i.e. growing seeds). Seed production, like all agriculture has the same climatic, environmental, soil and physical issues, and for this reason every seed can have variation in inherited quality
and condition.

Fix Nutrient Variability in Seed Lot with BSN Seed Primers

Utilising HBS High-Analyis Broad Spectrum Technology, BSN corrects nutrient variability that is naturally found in all seeds as a result as a of external (e.g. drought) and internal (e.g. developmental) variability in the seed lot. Since BSN is efficiently and quickly imbibed by the seed, it results in priming the seed to the optimum range with essential nutrients including Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium, and Molybdenum. Each of these elements plays a critical role in the development and early vigour of the young seedling.

How to Eliminate Variability and bring Balance

RLF has developed the BSN range of seed priming fertilisers to combat the issues of seed lot variability.

Applying the RLF technologies of HBS (High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solutions) and SDS (Seed Delivery System), BSN corrects the nutrient availability of the seeds by increasing vital nutrient requirements in every seed, to the optimum level.

BSN is a high performance solution and is quickly and efficiently imbibed by the seed with the resulting effect of priming the seed to the optimum range for essential nutrients including Phosphorus, Sulphur, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Molybdenum. Each of these elements play a critical role in the development and early vigour of the young seedling.

The following graphical sequence highlights the efficiency and high performance of RLF’s unique
BSN product.

Seed Lot Variability and Quality

Quality within a seed generally occurs as deficient or insufficient nutrient content.

Nutrient content is vital for shoot and plant development and early growth. If a seed is poor in quality, the plant physically can never reach near maximum yield potential.




Every Seed has Different Nutrient Levels

Every seed lot contains seeds that vary in nutrient levels and quality because of extremes and development variation during their growth.

No seeds are the same.


Treat with BSN

By treating with BSN every seed has the nutrient imbibed into it and is now ready to play a critical role in the development and early vigour of the
young plant.


BSN Fixes Nutrient variability

Treating the seed with BSN primes every seed to the optimum nutrient level effectively fixing nutrient variability in seed lots.

Now the seeds are the same.

What is SDS

SDS (Seed Delivery System) is the RLF-developed technology that bonds with the nutrient elements to transport them into the seed embryo. This process of imbibing introduces the nutrient directly into the seed.

SDS is a product of RLF’s advanced science and technology endeavours and commitment over many years. SDS forms part of its suite of HBS (High-analysis, Broad-spectrum Solutions) products designed to bring about the same level of advantage and opportunity for primary producers of all farm sizes.

SDS technology has awoken the practice of fertilising the seed – ensuring that seed-lot variability is eliminated and that EVERY seed planted is primed with the optimum level of plant available nutrient.

Unlike a seed treatment, which bonds to the outside of the seed using it as a delivery carrier into the soil, SDS, with HBS’s help takes the nutrient INSIDE the seed for the seed’s immediate and direct use.

What is HBS

HBS (High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution) is an RLF-developed technology that allows the formulation and manufacture of solutions that contain a high concentration of many different nutrients, all formulated in such a way that is stable and safe for the plant.

This is a first time technological advance.

RLF technology has neutralised the antagonistic effects that elements can have with each other and the result is revolutionary. Now, specifically formulated products with 12 elements contained in one single, stable, effective solution can be applied to crops and produce.

High levels of a particular nutrient in the soil can often interfere with the availability and uptake by the plant of other nutrients. Those nutrients that interfere with one another are said to be antagonistic. Every care must be taken to ensure an adequate and balanced supply of ALL nutrients to the plant.

RLF’s Revolutionary Seed Priming and Enhancing Products

Easy Application

BSN can be easily integrated into current on-farm seed treatment practices and can be applied in conjunction with many agricultural chemicals used for disease and pest prevention reducing labour costs and making the process of on-farm application simple. BSN is sprayed onto the seed. This can be as the seed is transported rapidly by auger to a silo or truck or simply manually applied and is completely imbibed by the seed in 20 minutes.