Why RLF Products are Better

RLF’s commitment to the agricultural industry makes them world-leaders in this field.

RLF products are recognised as innovative and scientifically proven through rigorous trialling and testing of its data.

RLF’s advanced science and technology endeavours and commitment over many, many years delivers the same levels of advantage and opportunity for all farmers and growers, no matter what size their enterprise is.

In the modern farming era, where intensive farming techniques and technologies are required to bring about the yield necessary to provide sufficient food for the world, RLF products offer an optimistic future for farmers and growers the world over.

The key points of difference are :

Quality of Elements and Materials

RLF uses superior and quality materials in the manufacture of its products to ensure efficiency and product consistency.

SDS (Seed Delivery System)

A RLF-developed, proprietary technology that IS A WORLD-FIRST.

This allows the seed to completely absorb the nutrients.

NDS (Nutrient Delivery System)

RLF-developed, proprietary technology that IS A WORLD-LEADER.

This allows for foliar nutrient to be taken into the plant through the leaf at a rate 350% better than normal products or practices.

High-Performance Formulations

RLF manufactures super high concentration formulations in solution.

The Plasma range is the world’s highest concentration formulation available today.

Stable Solutions

All RLF products are in solution with an assurance of stability and longevity.

Crop Nutrition Removal Science

All formulations and micro element calculations are based on the science of Crop Nutrient Removal.

Plant Physiology + Chemistry

RLF base all of its products on the science of plant physiology.

This ensures that RLF products are built starting with a complex understanding of the chemistry involved in plant functions, responses and requirements.


Engineered and specialised manufacture processes that are Quality Assured.