RLF Products Development

RLF Technology

RLF is a high-technology developer of agricultural products – all of which are developed and based on
plant science.

Incorporated into this development process is the promotion of RLF’s Fertiliser Integration Programs. These are science-based programs that place logical and targeted emphasis on the maximisation of crop yield through the efficient use of product, the proper application in seed, leaf and soil, and the minimisation of fertiliser and trace element cost inputs.

RLF are experts in the area of fertiliser supply for all major crops. Our technical expertise and practical in-field experience deliver only market leading products.

Product Formulation

RLF formulates some of the world’s most advanced liquid broad spectrum fertilisers – most of which have high analysis concentrations of many specialised elemental compounds processed into a single stable saturated solution.

By achieving success in the highly challenging formulation and manufacture process, RLF has been able to produce the highest concentrations of multi nutrient saturated solutions in the world today (marketed as the RLF Plasma range).

RLF formulations are buffered and chelated to ensure rapid up-take mobility and availability in the plant.
This ensures that RLF products achieve maximum possible efficiency.


RLF has manufacture and distribution facilities in Australia and China.


Quality Purpose Build

We design and deliver products for agriculture that are purpose-built for their intended application.

Every product contains only quality materials.

Science-based Formulations

We balance and apply plant nutrient removal science to all our formulations,
thereby giving each plant the optimum level of nutrient required for achieving assured results.

Broad Spectrum in High Concentration

To do this we build broad-spectrum products.

This means that a product can contain up to 12 elements in high concentrations.
Further, we engineer each formulation to ensure zero nutrient antagonism and conflict.

Our products are always in a dispersible solution.


Manufacture Basic Process