Real – ONFARM Performance

RLF is a specialised agricultural company. Farmers around the world in all cropping environments use our innovative products and comprehensive solutions to address crop production limitations and continuously improve
on-farm practices.

Our success is linked directly to the success of our clients. We use the tools of modern plant physiology to support our demonstrated commitment to agriculture and the business of our farmer clients.

RLF produces leading liquid fertiliser products that promote efficiency in use, protect and increase yield and provide improvements in crop quality. Researched and developed by accredited experts in the field of plant science our products are directly supported by an experienced team of practical in-field professionals.

Everyday we work side by side with farmers to deliver better on-farm profits and healthier foods to the world.

“Our strategy is simple “we want to improve the quality and quantity of the crops that we grow cost effectively.” The BSN Superstrike to give us good early vigor and to increase the uptake of our granular fertiliser. The CSF foliars supply Phosphorus and trace elements at the same time that we supply extra N, that helps us keep our quality in line with our quantity.”
– Murray and Vicky Dixon, Narembeen WA
“We are always looking at new ways to increase yields. The bigger root systems that we see after using BSN Superstrike give us better access to the natural nutrients in the soil. Our soils tie up a lot of Phosphorus so I like to spray on Cereal Plus to supply both phosphorus and trace elements at
the same time.”
– Paul and Frith Chapman, Muntadgin WA