About RLF


Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) is a world class fertiliser brand that comprises highly advanced crop products for agriculture around the globe. As you explore, and learn about the RLF products, we hope you gather a sense of our commitment to agriculture, and to the privilege we feel in the role that we play in seeking to bring food security to millions of people around the world.

RLF supports a diverse range of products, customers and markets. We have an outstanding technical capacity. Our talented people are passionate about delivering real value and genuine on-farm financial returns.

RLF is a dynamic, committed and customer focused organisation.


Our History

The RLF Products were first developed in Australia in 1993 to manufacture and market high efficiency broad spectrum liquid fertilisers for agriculture. Today, the RLF products are used to advance crop products around the globe.

The RLF Products are sold globally by two separately owned companies Rural Liquid Fertilisers Pty Ltd, which supplies RLF products in predominantly Australian and New Zealand, and RLF Asia Ltd, which owns the exclusive rights to sell the RLF products in China and 19 other Asian countries. Rural Liquid Fertilisers Pty Ltd is the developer and owner of the RLF products and also has developed a manufacturing, distribution and sales network in Australia which continues to grow.

RLF Asia Ltd manufactures, under a perpetual licence, the RLF products in China and distributes these to customers in China and in 19 other countries in the greater Asia region, leveraging off the RLF products which have been tried and tested in the Australian market for over 25 years. Today, RLF Australia and RLF Asia manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of fertilisers – including our world leading seed-priming products – high-quality nutrient and broad spectrum solutions, NPK granular fertilisers, water soluble powders; and our exclusive broad spectrum liquid compound fertilisers.

RLF Australia continues to devote significant resources to improving the world class RLF products.


Our Vision and Values

At RLF we are dedicated to building a vibrant and successful global network that places the interests of our Customers first and foremost as they strive to bring food security to their part of the globe.

This sense of purpose is commonly shared by all our team members.

As a company with world leading products and technologies we believe we can do much to contribute to the global effort of feeding a hungry world, and by doing so support the economic development of countries – whether large or small. Such is our vision.

Our Values are important to us and they underpin everything that we do.

  • Customer First : your success is our success, so we will always work hard for you. We will remain mindful of the trust that you have placed in us.
  • Culture of Professionalism : every aspect of our business will be conducted with the highest level of professionalism. We will maintain excellent standards and ensure that proper performance measures are in place. Our facilities and technology will always be of the highest international standards. Our employees will treat you and each other with respect and conduct themselves with pride.
  • Resourcefulness : we will retain the ability to adapt, be open to all suggestions for improvement, and respond to changing circumstances.
  • Integrity : we will act honestly, openly and professionally. We will do what we say we’ll do and hold ourselves accountable.
  • Innovation, Creativity and Sustainability : we will strive to be market-leaders with our technologies and will continue to think creatively so that we can find new ways to help you. We take seriously the responsibility of stewardship to the environment, as how we manage resources today impacts on tomorrow.
  • Enthusiasm : we will strive for excellence on your behalf to bring about the best solutions possible and we will continue to be enthusiastic and passionate about our
    core business.

Our Future | Global Partnerships

RLF is committed to growing its business and will always look positively at opportunities to form Global Partnerships. RLF Asia is logistically well placed to open new markets within the Asia Pacific region.

RLF is open to developing partnerships in other parts of Asia and around the world and will determine any future opportunities in our search for global partners on the worthiness of each proposal.

Our future could be your future. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options.