Guidelines for Re-Packing RLF Product

Under agreement; companies can bulk purchase RLF product and enter into a partnership with us to re-package product for the local market.

This arrangement is possible, however there are quality issues that need to be satisfactorily addressed before the product can be re-packaged and labelled with RLF branding. RLF is genuine about maintaining strict product quality protocols and protecting its reputation within the agricultural industry.

RLF has been ISO9001 accredited since 1998 and takes its commitment to producing quality product seriously. We consider this a vital part of our business and as such ensure that we work to current quality standards.

These Guidelines have been produced to outline the potential risks, expectations and responsibilities of this partnership.

Roles and Expectations

We want to work with you to assist in achieving these mutual objectives.

It is therefore important that the issues of compliance with our quality standards are clearly appreciated and understood. In order to avoid potential quality issues with our products, the following issues are to be discussed, resolved and documented as part of the agreement:

Packaging to be Used

All packaging to be used should ideally be new, suitable for the task and from a
reputable supplier.

If returnable containers are to be used, cleaning must be carried out on all containers prior to re-packaging, preferably by a professional drum laundering company. Evidence of this cleaning must be supplied to RLF if requested.

The Potential for Contamination during the Fill-out Process

Agreement would be required as to what equipment would be used to re-package product and how it would be cleaned between products (ours and others).

Method of Determining Correct Packing Volume or Weight with
Trade-certified Equipment

RLF product is packed to volume by weight using trade-certified scales and based on measured density to ensure compliance. Agreement would be required to determine how this process would be handled and adequately documented.

Quality Management System Requiring Traceability of Product
Throughout the System

If the product is to be branded as an RLF manufactured product, an agreed position on an adequate system of documentation to record what processes have occurred will need to be reached. This could be handled by RLF providing documentation to be filled out when product is packed by the Distributor. It would, however, require full understanding and commitment that signed documents are legal records that confirm the details provided are correct. This ensures that RLF can trace batch numbers throughout the system as required by good manufacturing process and our ISO accreditation.

Internal Audit

The purpose of these Guidelines is to outline not only the potential risks but the benefits that will flow from this type of partnership between RLF and a Distributor. It is imperative that RLF’s security and reputation be guarded and upheld at all times.


The purpose of these Guidelines is to outline not only the potential risks but the benefits that will flow from this type of partnership between RLF and a Distributor.

It is imperative that RLF’s security and reputation be guarded and upheld at all times.

Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008

RLF earned and was awarded ISO9001 Quality Accreditation in 1998.

Since that time it has been an industry leader – and together with its technological innovations and quality leadership RLF is still leading!

Clearly, QA means that Quality Management Systems that allow for the continuous improvement of all systems and processes must be maintained to enable all facets of operation to not only meet or exceed industry standards, but to also meet the expectations of clients and customers. ISO9001 Quality Accreditation is the blueprint for providing excellent and consistent products and services across all world regions and markets.

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