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Crop yield is greatly influenced by plants being able to access the required amount of nutrient. They need to be able to access every nutrient that they require, and in a balanced and timely way.

Providing information so that Farmers and Growers can not only understand a crop’s growth stages, but also the optimum timing periods for fertiliser application, and the product best designed to deliver the best yields and outcomes, is an important focus for RLF.

The Crop Guides Growth Stages information that follows depends wholly on the RLF products identified as being the most appropriate. Our products are based on world-leading science and technology that ensures that nutrients are delivered directly to the plant. By following the regimes recommended by RLF, many benefits can be achieved for Farmers and Growers around the world.

The Fast Facts that accompany this information seek simply to give some quick background perspective to the relevance and the importance of this crop as it plays its part in providing the world with the food that it needs.

  • Several species of Clover are extensively cultivated as fodder plants.
  • Often Clover is sown alone, however as a mixture with Rye-grass it has, for a long time, formed a staple crop for both soil rejuvenation and for livestock.
  • Clover is a grows prolifically in a range of soil types and climates, shooting up again even after repeated mowings.
  • It produces an abundant crop and can often reduce the cost of fertiliser as it is a nitrogen fixer.
  • When crop rotations are managed so that clover does not recur at intervals shorter than eight years, it grows with much of its pristine vigour.


  • 1. Argentina
  • 2. Canada
  • 3. Brazil
  • 4. China
  • 5. European Union
  • 6. India
  • 7. Oceania
  • 8. Indonesia
  • 9. Mexico
  • 10. United States

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Pasture Growth Cycle

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RLF Products

RLF has a range of products that can support the healthy growth of crops, fruits and vegetables. These include products for remediation however more importantly RLF has a series of broad-spectrum high-analysis products that can assure avoidance or reduction of nutrient issue before they occur.
Some RLF products that may help are: