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Soybean is a summer growing oilseed crop (often irrigated) with traditional uses being for oil extraction and stockfeed. However more recently, soybeans have found favour as a popular culinary grain used in the making of Asian foodstuffs such as milk and tofu. They are high in protein and dietary fibre.

Soybean belongs to the legume family and has been an important protein source across Asia for thousands of years. They were only introduced into the western diet in the 20th century. Soybeans grow on a variety of soils and a wide range of climates and ripen into hard, dry beans as they mature in the pod. It is said that an area of land planted with soybeans can produce more protein than an equivalent tract of land planted with other crops or if it were used to raise cattle for animal protein. This makes soybean an invaluable food and
economic crop.

Considerable work has been undertaken in recent years to find varieties better suited to culinary uses, better suited for widening growing regions and more resistant to root
rot diseases.

RLF’s Specialty Liquid Fertiliser products give soybean crops the nutritional strength they need for healthy, productive yield outcomes. RLF Specialty Liquid Fertiliser foliar products are highly beneficial for soybean, and deliver a complete and balanced nutrient package through the leaf. The full range of RLF Specialty Liquid Fertilisers has an excellent trial record for this crop type and growers of soybeans can be assured that their crops will profit.

Fast Facts

  • The world’s top 10 soybean growing countries are responsible for nearly 88% of world production. In 2016 these countries were United States of America (32.1%), Brazil (25.8%), Argentina (15.8%), China (3.6%), India (3.1%), Paraguay (2.9%), Canada (1.7%), Ukraine (1.1%), Bolivia (0.9%), Uruguay (0.9%). Rest of the World (12.1%)
  • About 50% of soybeans produced in the USA market are exported, mainly to countries within Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and South Korea.
  • Soybean (also known as Soy or Soya) started agricultural life as cattle feed. This is still the majority of its production (as ground meal livestock feed supplement) with only about 6% being used for the human food market.
  • Soybean is used in many things : plastics, adhesives, textiles, candles, cleaning and haircare products.
  • Soy is also used as ink for newspapers and large print run publications such
    as textbooks.
  • Soybean produces an environmentally friendly fuel for diesel engines.
  • Soybean was first referenced in a written list of Chinese plants in the year BC2853. It has been recorded on many occasions as being essential to Chinese life since that time.
  • Soybean has the highest natural source of fibre in a human natural food. It contains the eight amino acids essential for human health and demand for it is steadily growing because of the more health conscious consumer market.

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