VideoNo. 10 | Benefits of the RLF Fertiliser Program

Grant Borgward talks about

Benefits of the RLF
Fertiliser Program

Farmer and National Sales Manager for RLFs
About this Series
An informative and insightful video series featuring Grant Borgward has been released for 2016.

It has been called FARMER TO FARMER with very good reason.

This series has been developed to enable farmers everywhere to draw knowledge and inspiration from a fellow farmer as well as to spread further the message of RLF products.

Grant Borgward talks about Benefits of the RLF Fertiliser Program

I’d like to talk today about the key benefits of the Ultra Foliar range from Rural Liquid Fertilisers.

The most obvious benefit is the increased yield – and yes we certainly deliver that. You can also say “okay, we’re increasing yield because we’re supplying more nutrients”, and that is absolutely correct. We are supplying it in an available form, through the leaf, so that the plant has rapid uptake and rapid access to the nutrient.

That’s a big tick, because we’re achieving yield increase.

Now as well as yield increase, we can improve the quality of the crop.

This is also based on the rapid delivery and efficient supply of the nutrients because the plant is then ready to use these nutrients. But, it is also based on the fact that we can put on a larger root system that goes down to give greater access to the soil reserve of nutrients.

The fertiliser industry generally talks about “putting ‘x’ amount of nutrient on, to get ‘x’ amount of yield”. But by also working with the plant, and stimulating it to get greater access to the soil reserves, you can build up the long term fertility of the soil.

Another point I need to stress, is that we can improve the uptake of NPK.

It is very well accepted by every farmer in the world that he spends most of his budget on NPK – and you do need NPK to build the bulk of your crop. But granular NPK fertiliser generally has a low percentage uptake – anything from 10% to 50% is world accepted standard on the uptake of NPK once it is supplied to the soil.

However, when you put an Ultra Foliar on, you are basically putting larger root systems on the crop that enables it much greater uptake from the soil than with NPK alone. Ultra Foliar is not only better for this crop, it is better for the environment because there is less NPK left in the soil for leaching. We’re actually converting more of the NPK into organic form, which is then more available to
the crops.

When Ultra Foliar is applied, it has the technology to take care of paddock variability.

Yes, I may want to supply mainly zinc (the world is very excited with nitrogen and zinc), but in addition to the zinc, we take care of copper – we take care of manganese – we take care of molybdenum. So, the four main trace elements that are going to have a big impact on whether a plant reaches its potential yield or not, is being supplied in foliar form and we are able to make sure that the plant has those essential nutrients when it comes time to fill the grain.

This also leads to solving the hidden hunger problem.

Hidden hunger is a term not often used in the fertiliser market, but it’s actually a real problem and farmers need to be aware of it. When your crop looks good – but it’s still zinc, copper, manganese and molybdenum deficient – then those deficiencies are going to reduce yield. Hidden hunger is so easily addressed with a Broad-spectrum foliar from the Ultra Foliar or the Rapid Foliar range
of products.

The single biggest benefit from putting a larger root system on, is that the plant is building organic matter, so it is a cost effective and very efficient way to capture more sunlight to convert to carbon.

About Grant

Grant farms nearly 10,000 ha of mid-west land located southeast of Geraldton in Western Australia. A son of a farmer, Grant’s been bought-up on farm all of his life. In professional life Grant is the National Sales Manager of RLF for the last 18 years.

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