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RLF plays an important part in the production of food crops in many parts of the world.

RLF is a major contributor to plant health and nutrition, and has developed new and exciting technologies to advance crop quality and yield. It's 'Integrated Fertiliser Approach' has a positive influence on achieving the increased crop yields necessary as demand for food grows.

RLF is committed to its role of providing the best possible outcomes and products for agriculture and is a proud partner to farmers and growers throughout the world.

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Fast Facts
  • The potato is a starchy, tuberous plant from the nightshade Solanum family. S. tuberosum is the most commonly grown species.
  • Wild potato species occur throughout the Americas, from the United States to southern Chile, but genetic testing of available cultivars, as well as wild species, appear to pinpoint its origin as southern Peru and
    north-western Bolivia.
  • China is the worlds largest potato-producing country and nearly one-third of the worlds potatoes are harvested in either China or India.
  • Potatoes are the worlds fourth largest food crop following corn, wheat
    and rice.
  • The annual diet of an average person today includes about 33kg of potato.
  • Potatoes are an essential crop for Europe, where per capita production is still the highest in the world, however the most rapidly expanding markets are in South East Asia.
  • Just over two-thirds of global production is eaten directly by humans with the rest being fed to animals or used to produce starch.
  • Potato plants are herbaceous perennials that grow about 60cm high, depending on variety. They bear white, pink, red, blue or purple flowers with yellow stamens and in general the tubers of varieties with white flowers have white skins, while those of varieties with coloured flowers tend to bear a range of coloured skins.
  • Long term storage of potatoes requires specialised care in cold warehouses.
  • Due to its perishability, only about 5% of the world's potato crop is traded internationally, therefore it has a minimal presence in world financial markets and a stable price structure.
  • An Integrated Fertiliser Program using RLF products can greatly enhance crop quality and yield.