Seed Groups

The global Seed industry is massive and is ‘the absolute core’ to the production of food for a hungry world. It is therefore a global-imperative that appropriate frameworks and strategies are built that support a sustainable agricultural future.

RLF recognises that the management and ongoing protection of this natural resource base is essential so that food can continue to be delivered in a safe and secure way – a way that satisfies need for both present and future generations.

How RLF helps our Seed Group Customers

  • By providing access to technology developed to produce reliable seed in its purest form, with limited nutrient variability
  • Through RLF’s value-adding technologies applied directly to the seed before distribution
  • By sharing the successes of RLF’s Research and Development sector as they continue to advance the science of seed performance and yield gap
  • By remaining at the forefront of technologies for Seed Priming, and constantly developing seed-priming nutrient products for seed varieties
  • Through its strong team of Plant Scientists always available to offer advice and information and to work with all Customer Groups

About Seed Group Customers

Seed Group Customers are responsible for the secure supply to Farmers and Growers of seed that has had great attention paid to both seed genetics and science-based yield potential qualities. RLF’s innovative technology contributes to this goal.

RLF is committed to Seed Group Customers by ensuring that its seed-priming products are sustainable and effective. It understands that it has a role to play with all its Customer Groups in working towards improved seed quality and greater yield potentials.

RLF is proud of its partnership with its Seed Group Customers.