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by Greg Kaynes

What is in this IN

This IN discusses the return on investment (ROI) results for a chickpea trial, experimenting with Plasma Fusion on the property of a client in Moree, (northern New South Wales), Australia.

What the Results Revealed

  • Key Statistics

  • Yield Data

How the Experiment Worked

Eight runs (each representing 2.3ha) were developed within the paddock.

  • Four runs totalling 9.21 ha were created for the untreated crop (Control)
  • Four runs totalling a further 9.21 ha were created for the treated crop (Treated). RLF Plasma Fusion was applied at the rate of 1-litre per hectare to these four runs.

Overview of the Trial

Looking back through crop trial and experiment data, an interesting study emerged when RLF Plasma Fusion was used on chickpea to gauge its effectiveness.

A snapshot of the experiment’s details are as follows :

Property name Carrington
Property location Moree, New South Wales
Trial date May (sow) – November (harvest) 2015
Crop Chickpea
Variety Desi (Hat Trick)
Soil pH 7, loam/clay
Rainfall At sowing in May, rainfall for the month was recorded as 33mm, slightly higher than the long term average for May. By harvest in November, rainfall had dropped considerably and was recorded as 74mm for the month. This had followed much lower than normal averages for each of the months of the crop growing season. For 2015 as a whole, rainfall statistics were 494 actual, as against long term average of 623.
Fertiliser (base) Both paddocks were sown with the farmer’s normal fertiliser practice using Starter Z (Incitec). This product contains nitrogen (11%), phosphorus (21.8%), sulphur (4%) and zinc (1%).
Seed sowing rate 60kg per hectare
Crop Nutrition (applied) The treated runs within the paddock were foliar sprayed with Plasma Fusion containing 12 essential nutrients, being N, P, K, S, Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, Co.

About Plasma Fusion

Plasma Fusion is an Ultra Foliar fertiliser with 12 essential nutrients, all perfectly balanced for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

It is beneficial for a wide range of broadacre and horticultural crops, and consistently delivers improved qualities and outcomes. It is economical, safe and easy to use with excellent compatibility capacity.

It is taken up by the leaf through the cell walls for the plant’s immediate use and has been specially engineered by RLF as a High-analysis and Broad-spectrum
liquid fertiliser.

Its key features are that it :

increases growth and improves yield qualities
guards against soil nutrient variability and deficiency
delivers a greater size and volume root system
returns more matter to the soil enhancing natural soil fertility
delivers good returns for the farmer
resists disease and handles climate better
buffers the effects of agricultural chemicals
reduces NPK use and cost


Plasma Fusion delivered a significant return on investment for the chickpea crop under review of 13:1 (based on chickpeas at $750 per tonne). It is worthy of note that this excellent return came during a season of below average rainfall, which is one of the key features of an RLF Ultra Foliar as it supports a crop during adverse
weather conditions.

This is consistent with the experience of many farmers using Plasma Fusion for a wide variety of crop types.

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