The Products in the Market

The Products in the Market

RLF product structure allows Distributor Partners to achieve access to a larger market by having the full-spread of RLF product available to market.

RLF has products that compete in all three segments of the marketplace, and each can be supported by the other. The objective – to have access to new customers in new markets so that you gain greater market share.


Non-Competitive Products

Non-competitive products are the range of RLF products that have no, or highly limited competition or similar product competitors in the marketplace.

This includes the RLF specialised categories of Seed Priming, Ultra Foliar, Pasture, Root Boost and Rapid. These products are technologically advanced and unique and are only available through RLF.

Speciality Products

Speciality products are those defined as purpose built products and are generally engineered and formulated for specific markets or crop-specific purposes.

This includes the Crop-Specific range of Foliar, Nutrient Chargers and market Specific products such as those specially developed for sugarcane and hydroponics. These speciality products generally apply common RLF technologies, but are suited to the speciality crop or area.

Competitive Products

Competitive products means the more standard range of RLF products competing in a more commoditised marketplace. This includes the RLF categories Fertigation, Foliar and Bulk commoditised products.

Generally these are sold competitive to market – matching the general market expectations for comparable product lines.