The Market Exclusivity

The Market Exclusivity

Product distinction (unique and exclusive to your marketplace) is achieved through the introduction of new and innovative products that are generally new to market and not available through other competitors in your particular marketplace.

The Distributor Partner has the opportunity to bring an entire product range to marketplaces that, in parts, haven’t previously had access to these high-performance products.

Generally, in the product categories of Seed Priming, Ultra Foliar, Rapid, Pasture and even some of the Root Boost and Nutrient Charger categories – the Distributor Partner would not encounter large-scale competitive issues against these products. This provides the Distributor Partner with distinctive new types of product to sell in the local marketplace.

The reduced competitive retail environment lends to a complimentary sales strategy – allowing you to retail more commoditised and competitive products alongside a range of unique and distinctive products.