The Mantra | Modern Farmer Practices + Innovation

The Mantra | Modern Farmer Practices + Innovation

RLF products can give the Distributor Partner the opportunity to incorporate into their business a range of innovative, technology-based products designed specifically for the farmer to implement modern farmer practice.

RLF products give the Distributor Partner the opportunity to market the benefits of innovation, by making sensible, measured changes to farmer practice to bring about increased benefits and gains. Only with change, and the ability to access new technologies, will the adaptation to new modern farmer practices be achieved in your local marketplace.

RLF Distributor Partners have the opportunity to support their farmer customers in bringing about these new innovative practices.

The Great Opportunity Commoditising the Nutrient Market

RLF has defined and categorised the nutrient market, for the purposes of making it more commoditised for your farmer customers. This makes it easier for them to understand the products best suitable for their particular cropping environments and enterprises.

The definition of the categories are suited to purpose – therefore the end user experience is clearer and less confusing. RLF Distributor Partners can be the first to take to market the range of products in the categories outlined above. This is a great opportunity.