The Commercial Model

The Commercial Model

RLF provides a flexible commercial model that allows for a balance of objectives that are specially selected or negotiated. These are often based on your current business practices or market strengths.

The common objective of this model is commercial success for both the partners. Together with the understanding that a vital business needs continuance (or renewal) through updates and refresh, new products and the constant development of new pathways going forward are offered as part of this model.

The RLF commercial model is by four systems, with predominantly three main channels to market. The four systems are :

  1. Global Partner
  2. Country Licence
  3. Exclusive Distributor Partner
  4. Non-exclusive Distributor Partner

These are further broken down into three general channels to the marketplace being.

  1. Fertilisers retail and distribution supplier network business
  2. Agricultural chemical business distributing complimentary products to your current range
  3. Direct to market (corporate, government and seed production)

The most suitable commercial model to fit your purpose will be agreed upon, and this is what RLF can make available to you.