RLF Distributor Partnerships are more than just products. And being a Distributor is much more than just distributing product. Rather it is a partnership with RLF and its proven products and systems.

Together, with your farmer customers, we can provide innovation and solutions to enable them to grow better crops and market produce for the betterment and benefit of us all.

In summarising the benefits and support you will receive as a Distributor Partner you will enjoy access to :

  • A Trusted Brand
  • Commercial and Compliance Support
  • An Excellent Product
  • Skilled People and Knowledge
  • Trial and Demonstration Evaluation Data
  • Technical Services and Support
  • Sales and Marketing Support and Services
  • Reliable Supply
  • Intelligent Packaging
  • Labelling and Local Branding
  • Global Websites
  • Product Websites
  • Superior Online Presence
  • APPS and Mobile/Tablet Tools
  • Extensive Video Library
  • Training Materials
  • Media Releases/RLF Insights and Special Report publishing
  • Technical Bulletins
  • TeamRLF intranet
  • Design Service and Customer Support
  • Product Development Pathways
  • Access to the Widest Range of Products
RLF offers a solid Comercial Model.
  • It offers a full spread of Products in the three market segments, being non-competitive, speciality and competitive markets.
  • It gives opportunity for a higher than average margin return and enables you to bring distinctive products that are unique and exclusive to the marketplace.
  • It allows you to Brand and establish Branding alternatives to suit your market objectives. And to manage and distribute Products with a ‘Unique Selling Point’ (USP).
  • It enables a staged Product sales pathway based on trust in the market, with defined product categories to promote and sell given RLF’s full spread of products.
  • It introduces new innovative practices such as the IFM model of Integrated Fertiliser Management. This relies upon high-performance products allowing for modern farmer practices + innovation.
  • It is complemented by an easy to understand commoditised product range.

These are all Products designed for the future of agriculture and RLF and its Products are part of the solution to address the reality of future global food security needs.