Becoming an RLF Distributor Partner


Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) is a specialised agricultural company.

RLF produces leading liquid fertiliser products that promote efficiency in use, protect and increase yield and provide improvements in crop quality. Researched and developed by accredited experts in the field of plant science, our products are directly supported by an experienced team of practical in-field professionals.

The Key Facts
  • Farmers around the world in all cropping environments use our innovative products and comprehensive solutions to address crop production limitations and continuously improve on-farm practices. (Today RLF has over 5 million farmer customers).
  • Our success is linked directly to the success of our farmer customers using RLF innovative products.
  • We use the tools of modern plant physiology, advance chemistry and proprietary technologies in building liquid fertiliser products to support our demonstrated commitment to agriculture and the business of our farmer customers.
  • Every day of the year, we work side by side farmers to deliver better on-farm profits and healthier foods to the world.


Considering the Opportunities and Options

Thank you for your considerations.

Your interest in RLF products and the distributor commercial opportunity is appreciated, and we trust that the profile and summary contained within this section will help categorise and simplify the benefits for you.

RLF Distributor Partners have access to so much more than just a network of product manufacture, delivery and distribution. Our relationship is a mutual experience, and it is our strong belief that the important customer groups of both our companies will benefit equally.

Making RLF your partner is a decision you are encouraged to consider and investigate further, and we hope that the following information will give you a clear picture of the scope of RLF’s services and support.


    The Partnership

    RLF Distribution Partners have access to much more than a specified line of products.

    The Distribution Partnership provides the framework within which the distribution of products, plus all the added extras are incorporated. These extras include :

    • new innovative technologies and modern farming practices
    • products with unique market positions and exclusivity in the markets
    • training and support
    • marketing and promotions (both online and off-line)

    They also allow you to develop products specific to your local area requirements.

    It is more than simply being a Distributor. Rather it is a partnership with RLF and its proven products and systems. Together with your farmer customers we are able to provide innovative solutions to enable them to grow better crops and market produce for the betterment and benefit of us all.


    The Commercial Model

    RLF provides a flexible commercial model that allows for a balance of objectives that are specially selected or negotiated. These are often based on your current business practices or market strengths.

    The common objective of this model is commercial success for both the partners. Together with the understanding that a vital business needs continuance (or renewal) through updates and refresh, new products and the constant development of new pathways going forward are offered as part of this model.

    The RLF commercial model is by four systems, with predominantly three main channels to market. The four systems are :

    1. Global Partner
    2. Country Licence
    3. Exclusive Distributor Partner
    4. Non-exclusive Distributor Partner

    These are further broken down into three general channels to the marketplace being.

    1. Fertilisers retail and distribution supplier network business
    2. Agricultural chemical business distributing complimentary products to your current range
    3. Direct to market (corporate, government and seed production)

    The most suitable commercial model to fit your purpose will be agreed upon, and this is what RLF can make available to you.


    The Products in the Market

    RLF product structure allows Distributor Partners to achieve access to a larger market by having the full-spread of RLF product available to market.

    RLF has products that compete in all three segments of the marketplace, and each can be supported by the other. The objective – to have access to new customers in new markets so that you gain greater market share.


    Non-Competitive Products

    Non-competitive products are the range of RLF products that have no, or highly limited competition or similar product competitors in the marketplace.

    This includes the RLF specialised categories of Seed Priming, Ultra Foliar, Pasture, Root Boost and Rapid. These products are technologically advanced and unique and are only available through RLF.

    Speciality Products

    Speciality products are those defined as purpose built products and are generally engineered and formulated for specific markets or crop-specific purposes.

    This includes the Crop-Specific range of Foliar, Nutrient Chargers and market Specific products such as those specially developed for sugarcane and hydroponics. These speciality products generally apply common RLF technologies, but are suited to the speciality crop or area.

    Competitive Products

    Competitive products means the more standard range of RLF products competing in a more commoditised marketplace. This includes the RLF categories Fertigation, Foliar and Bulk commoditised products.

    Generally these are sold competitive to market – matching the general market expectations for comparable product lines.

    The Margins

    The RLF commercial model aims to provide a full spread of products that are targeted at different segments of the agricultural marketplace.

    Margins are generally managed in accordance with the market conditions in-country, including financial and farmer affordability, economic model of ‘cost versus return’ and the type of product and
    competitive landscape.

    In this way, the RLF commercial model provides for a range of :

    • “non-competitive” products
    • “speciality” products
    • “competitive” products

    All products competing within the same market place, but in different categories or market groups.

    In this way, the Distributor Partner has the opportunity to work towards a margin return through the sale and distribution of the full range of product types. This spread of products gives great flexibility and opportunity to Distribution Partners in designing a business model by using RLF products.


    The Market Exclusivity

    Product distinction (unique and exclusive to your marketplace) is achieved through the introduction of new and innovative products that are generally new to market and not available through other competitors in your particular marketplace.

    The Distributor Partner has the opportunity to bring an entire product range to marketplaces that, in parts, haven’t previously had access to these high-performance products.

    Generally, in the product categories of Seed Priming, Ultra Foliar, Rapid, Pasture and even some of the Root Boost and Nutrient Charger categories – the Distributor Partner would not encounter large-scale competitive issues against these products. This provides the Distributor Partner with distinctive new types of product to sell in the local marketplace.

    The reduced competitive retail environment lends to a complimentary sales strategy – allowing you to retail more commoditised and competitive products alongside a range of unique and distinctive products.


    The Brands in the Market

    An RLF Distributor Partner commercial model is developed to provide for a flexible and commercial approach to branding in your markets. The following options are available to a Distributor Partner under the different commercial models.

    • RLF Branding
    • Your Brand
    • Joint Branding(RLF + Your Brand)
    • Challenger Brand
    • Segment Brand

    RLF is flexible in working with its Distributor Partners to best represent the products in the market, and further to support the Distributor Partner in their own branding market objectives.


    The Unique Selling Point around RLF Products

    Given the unique nature of the RLF product categories and the product formulations contained within them, an opportunity exists for the marketing of the range based on a series of unique propositions that are unavailable to similar, or general competitor products.

    This allows for investment into the promotion of these products on the basis that they bring a number of unique positions to the market that are unavailable from any other distributor or product at this time.


    The Staged Introduction of Products to your Market

    You also have the opportunity to introduce the RLF product range to your market in stages. This can support the overall longer term growth of the entire product range in your markets over time. This can also support your own product sales as RLF products are generally complimentary to your sales process.

    In the first instance, the introduction of the non-competitive products allows for the evolution of Brand trust, and this improves subsequent potential for growth with the introduction of the more commoditised products
    going forward.

    The RLF range has been developed to allow for a staged introduction – each category supporting the other in building market trust and reputation. This starts with the high-performance products and extends eventually to the commoditised competitive products.


    The Category Model

    RLF has designed its products into the following categories, allowing for differentiation in type and purpose.

    • Seed Primming
    • Ultra Foliar
    • Rapid Fertiliser
    • Pasture Plus
    • Fertigation
    • Foliar
    • Crop-Specific Foliar
    • Root Boost
    • Nutrient Charger
    • Bulk Liquids
    11 The Category Model
    The Category Model gives a basis for identification of purpose, mode of use, marketing and sales direction and a general representation that RLF can provide a truly complete and fully integrated range of products.
    The IFM Model

    RLF introduces the ability for the Distributor Partner to sell products based on Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM) practices.

    RLF products are designed to work alongside existing granular fertiliser programs to give the opportunity for farmer customers to integrate new innovative high-performance products into their farm practices – with the aim of achieving higher yields, financial gains and at no extra input cost or risk.

    The RLF model and product range has been developed to be able to fit into the IFM strategy. The IFM strategy, should it fit with the Distributor business model, can provide greater access to existing market share through the substitution of product sales away from your competitors, or from areas you have previously operated in or sold to.


    The Mantra | Modern Farmer Practices + Innovation

    RLF products can give the Distributor Partner the opportunity to incorporate into their business a range of innovative, technology-based products designed specifically for the farmer to implement modern farmer practice.

    RLF products give the Distributor Partner the opportunity to market the benefits of innovation, by making sensible, measured changes to farmer practice to bring about increased benefits and gains. Only with change, and the ability to access new technologies, will the adaptation to new modern farmer practices be achieved in your local marketplace.

    RLF Distributor Partners have the opportunity to support their farmer customers in bringing about these new innovative practices.

    The Great Opportunity Commoditising the Nutrient Market

    RLF has defined and categorised the nutrient market, for the purposes of making it more commoditised for your farmer customers. This makes it easier for them to understand the products best suitable for their particular cropping environments and enterprises.

    The definition of the categories are suited to purpose – therefore the end user experience is clearer and less confusing. RLF Distributor Partners can be the first to take to market the range of products in the categories outlined above. This is a great opportunity.


The Future of Agriculture

Commentators and recognised agricultural experts agree that the trends in the global agricultural industry for the coming two or three decades are quite clear. Some of them are defined as being :

  • the undeniable and expected massive growth in the demand for food
  • the need for continual improvement as efficiencies are sought in supply chain practices,
    crop yield and quality, and in-farm practices and management
  • the imperative of protecting the areas of arable land currently under cultivation across the globe through the use of modern farming technologies and practice that restores goodness to the soil
  • the importance of science and technology
  • how innovation and innovative products will define success
  • the reality of retail and packaging as a means of influencing agricultural decisions
  • how intelligent packaging will shape sales and marketing
  • how convenience and health choices will play a more important role in the marketplace
  • the emergence of direct consumer-producer relationships
  • the generational transformation brought about by a greater ease and comfort of accessing and using information technology
  • the reliance on Partnership as a means of achieving successful outcomes

RLF products and systems work in support of these developing trends and represent the modern future of farmer practice. RLF is at the front of the modern farmer practice revolution.


The Realities of Future Need

The future of agriculture depends on applying change and improvement to the ways of growing and farming.

RLF gives Distributor Partners the opportunity to work within a developed framework targeting this very important outcome. The reality is that over coming years farmers will need to increase outputs and reduce input costs. This will force them to enter into a period of change from existing common farmer practices to the need to experiment and experience new innovative product technologies, new principals like fertilising the seed, high-analysis broad-spectrum and new ways (like IFM).

RLF understands that this is a global issue, and accordingly has built its product range, marketing and infrastructure to support and grow with this vision for the future.




A Trusted Brand with History on our Side

RLF has 25 years of experience in the global marketplace. It supports a diverse range of products, customers and markets. It has outstanding technical capacity and has a talented team of leaders and managers all supporting a committed team of people all working towards the promotion of the RLF Brand.

RLF is passionate about delivering real value and genuine on-farm financial returns and this is an excellent fit for any prospective Distributor Partner.



RLF Distributor Partnerships are more than just products. And being a Distributor is much more than just distributing product. Rather it is a partnership with RLF and its proven products and systems.

Together, with your farmer customers, we can provide innovation and solutions to enable them to grow better crops and market produce for the betterment and benefit of us all.

In summarising the benefits and support you will receive as a Distributor Partner you will enjoy access to :

  • A Trusted Brand
  • Commercial and Compliance Support
  • An Excellent Product
  • Skilled People and Knowledge
  • Trial and Demonstration Evaluation Data
  • Technical Services and Support
  • Sales and Marketing Support and Services
  • Reliable Supply
  • Intelligent Packaging
  • Labelling and Local Branding
  • Global Websites
  • Product Websites
  • Superior Online Presence
  • APPS and Mobile/Tablet Tools
  • Extensive Video Library
  • Training Materials
  • Media Releases/RLF Insights and Special Report publishing
  • Technical Bulletins
  • TeamRLF intranet
  • Design Service and Customer Support
  • Product Development Pathways
  • Access to the Widest Range of Products
RLF offers a solid Comercial Model.
  • It offers a full spread of Products in the three market segments, being non-competitive, speciality and competitive markets.
  • It gives opportunity for a higher than average margin return and enables you to bring distinctive products that are unique and exclusive to the marketplace.
  • It allows you to Brand and establish Branding alternatives to suit your market objectives. And to manage and distribute Products with a ‘Unique Selling Point’ (USP).
  • It enables a staged Product sales pathway based on trust in the market, with defined product categories to promote and sell given RLF’s full spread of products.
  • It introduces new innovative practices such as the IFM model of Integrated Fertiliser Management. This relies upon high-performance products allowing for modern farmer practices + innovation.
  • It is complemented by an easy to understand commoditised product range.

These are all Products designed for the future of agriculture and RLF and its Products are part of the solution to address the reality of future global food security needs.


Summary of Benefits
  • 1A Trusted Brand

    s-1RLF with 25 years experience, global trading and marketing exposure and millions of customers world-wide, has developed a respected and trusted model of deliver-ing its product and services. RLF is all about maintaining a strong and trusted brand. This is reflected in the efforts behind quality, formulation and manufacture, individual client services and the way in which the company is portrayed through both its online and offline visual presence. Brand value and building trusted brand equity is invested into the Distributor Partnership to continue achieving this principle in every marketplace.

  • 2Commercial and Compliance Support

    s-2RLF has an international model of operations that is inclusive and respectful of the differences and specific needs of trading and managing within marketplaces across the globe. Its skilled team will establish all pathways necessary to meet regulatory and compliance matters associated with the delivery of product and services to an individual country or marketplace.

  • 3An Excellent Product

    s-3RLF’s products are world-leading. Its BSN Seed Priming and ULTRA FOLIAR products in particular are highly specialised and deliver benefits that are consistently proven to increase crop yield, crop quality and financial return. The range of products available is extensive and is continually subjected to ongoing scientific and technical review and development to bring better outcomes to all areas of agriculture. The concepts behind RLF products are based on science, are highly sophisticated and are proven. There is much to be gained by partnering with RLF.

  • 4Skilled People and Knowledge

    s-4RLF is guided by a Leadership Team that is experienced and has a thorough and mature understanding of the culture of agriculture, world trade and the international fertiliser market. RLF’s Management Team are the very best available and they give continuing support to the administrative, technical and operational team members on a daily basis. Its staff, at all levels of operations, are proficient and highly skilled at everything they do. As a team all working together, RLF is focused and passionate about its products and the services it offers. As a Distributor Partner you too will become part of this force that continually strives for excellence on behalf of all our customers.

  • 5Trial and Evaluation Data

    s-5A significant body of evaluation and trial data has been built over many years and this is available at all times. It can be accessed online or in hard copy. As a Distributor Partner you will be encouraged and supported as you involve your clients in trialling RLF products as opposed to the practices of the local area. In this important way, you too will build information and important advice for your clients as they seek to produce higher yielding crops, higher quality produce and greater economic benefits.

  • 6Technical Service and Support

    s-6Access to highly qualified technical people who are ready, willing and available to help you. There is direct online access to RLF’s Head of Technical (”Ask the Doctor”) and to RLF’s Head Chemist (”Ask the Chemist”), and there is great comfort in the knowledge that during the past 25 years of working with clients and customers in the agricultural industry that most questions have already been asked and answered. This expertise is available to our
    Distributor Partners.

  • 7Sales and Marketing Support and Service

    s-7The range of sales and marketing support and services is substantial and is readily available to our Distributor Partners. It may involve access to people, training and professional product development, interaction with online systems, access to tools and applications that are targeted and tailored, online materials, videos and information all of which can be downloaded or viewed. RLF values its distribution networks and will work to support our Partners in bring its products to the marketplace.

  • 8Reliable Supply

    s-8RLF supplies from two facilities. RLF Australia and RLF China. Each facility uses Australian personnel and team members in the product’s manufacture. Australia formulates and produces all RLF product. In China, this requires a formulations team to be flown from Australia to China, and this ensures manufacturing consistency and quality. Both manufacturing facilities are able to support global distribution and have the capacity to increase production quickly and seamlessly.

  • 9Packaging Size Flexibility

    s-9RLF packaging is geared for a variety of marketplaces. In Australia it ranges from 20-litre to 1,000-litre (plus bulk supply). In China it ranges from 10ml (sachet) to 1,000-litre. Full sachet and bottled packaging lines facilitate a complete spread of small packaging sizes required to service the needs of individual regions. As a Distributor Partner your packaging needs can
    be achieved.

  • 10Packaging, Labelling and Local Branding

    s-10RLF designs and develops packaging suited to the specific requirements of your marketplace, regions or locations. They include full compliance with local packaging and labelling laws and regulatory requirements. Branding can be either RLF, Joint RLF/Distributor Partner brands, the Distributor Partner brand or a NEW brand developed entirely and specifically for the local market. RLF is flexible in new markets and can support the Distributor Partner with solutions in product names and branding. RLF provides multi-language labelling and uses pictures and icons to represent features. Every RLF product has its own dedicated website that can be accessed from desktop, tablet or
    mobile phone.

  • 11Global Website

    s-11RLF’s global website is an easy to use, highly informative platform from which a wide range of information and services can be gathered and accessed. Its news feed is refreshed every few days, product content updated regularly and it is the platform upon which RLF Insights are published that add a wealth of knowledge, observation and information for team members and customers alike. The global website has extensive libraries of technical data and information, picture references, video clips, product evaluation reports, crop and evaluation data and the list goes on. It is fully supported and evolves as quickly as the agricultural industry itself. It keeps abreast of all the important issues and this is available to everyone.

  • 12Product Website(s)

    s-12Every RLF product has its own website. This advice is featured on every global label. It allows the farmer or customer to access specific information about the product that they are using very readily. It is in many languages and these are being expanded and developed as our markets grow.

  • 13Online Presence

    s-13RLF has many online profiles. It has many feeder sites and functioning online tool sites (in addition to the individual product sites as explained above). RLF’s strategy is to ensure a very strong online dominance in its core areas, and many sites and opportunities exist for farmers and customers to research and access information about RLF and its products. It has a range of sophisticated online tools such as Maxiyield, Cropfix, rlftankmix and rlfchemtest to assist our clients. It also has the capacity (with several currently under construction) to develop In-Country websites in local language. In addition, RLF maintains a presence across a variety of social media sites such as LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • 14APPS and Mobile/Tablet Tools

    s-14aRLF aims to have all informational and functional tools developed in APP format – mobile and tablet friendly. Access through the portable device is essential for all online RLF materials.


  • 15Video Library

    RLF considers its Video Library as a vital element of its online presence. Hundreds of videos ranging across numerous topics currently exist and these continue to be expanded and developed. They can be sub-titled into many languages or can be re-recorded with voice-over to suit the requirements of our Distributor Partners.


  • 16Training Materials
    s-16 A widest range of training materials is available to our Distributor Partners.
  • 17Media Releases/Technical Bulletins/ RLF Insights/Special Reports

    s-17Currently, an enormous range and variety exists, all gathered over the past twenty years or so of the growth and development of RLF as a company and global manufacturer and supplier of agricultural product. Through these bulletins RLF’s history, growth, development and capability has been demonstrated. Media releases are released very regularly, refreshing the news feed on the global and other relevant websites. Technical Bulletins are written and published by our technical team, RLF Insights contributed to by team members and customers alike. Special Reports and Product Evaluation Reviews are written and published by specialist members of the RLF team. They all provide invaluable information and support for our Distributor Partners.

  • 18TeamRLF

    s-18Distributor Partners and every member of the RLF staff team has access to this dedicated team website. It is the foundation of our knowledge base and the hub of our communications with each other. It is the place to find all RLF information and materials. It is a place to Chat, to Post and to get to know other RLF people. As a Distributor Partner you will be included in the distribution list for direct email of all of the latest updates before they are posted. There are many benefits being part
    of TeamRLF.

  • 19Design Services and Customer Support

    s-19RLF has a team of skilled graphics and design specialists available for Distributor Partners to assist with the design of RLF related materials. Some research functions can also be undertaken. The team includes Web Design and Development, Graphics and 3D Video Specialities as well as assistance with social media and online publications. A complete package.

  • 20Product Development Pathways

    s-20Together with our Distributor Partners, RLF will work to develop its product specifically for the local market, a specific crop type or a regional speciality. This is a significant advantage for our Distributor Partners.

  • 21Access to the Widest Range of Products

    s-21RLF can offer and deliver access to its high-performance world-leading product range right through to an entire range of very basic commoditised products. Whatever the market our Distributor Partner requires, RLF can reliably deliver. Only at RLF do you have access to such a huge range of quality liquid fertilisers.

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  • Be better informed about RLF's extensive range of world-leading products.

  • Knowledge centre for RLF products, results, outcomes and services.

  • Fully explained – the Application Guides for all RLF products.

  • An incredible array of technical information and data now available.

  • SDS

    Safety Data Sheets are a necessary part of agricultural product production.

  • Feature and Spotlight Reports for regional context and best available crop nutrition information.

Tech Bulletins
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