Grower Customers

RLF’s Grower Customers help produce the food the world needs. Their role is vital.

Typically they are family holdings or enterprises on medium to large sized farms. As part of the commercial farming supply chain their crops are harvested and sold in world markets. These crops may be as diverse as wheat, maize, tea, coffee, cotton, rice and sugarcane. Fruits and vegetables also feature heavily. Grower Customers are most commonly found in advanced and industrialised countries and their produce is intended for widespread distribution to all parts of the world.

How RLF helps our Grower Customers

  • by ensuring product is delivered on time, every time
  • by sharing the successes of RLF’s Research and Development sector as they continue to advance the science of seed performance and yield gap
  • by providing access to RLF’s in-house technical and scientific team to help simplify the science of determining the correct nutrient usage per crop area
  • by demonstrating commitment to our Growers as they engage with modern-day farming advances to help grow their businesses
  • through the provision of market intelligence
  • by valuing the relationship as an integral part of the RLF team
  • by having valuable regard for Customer input, feedback and instructions in support of improving RLF products’ performance in the marketplace

About Grower Customers

As Grower Customers, a number of characteristics may be commonly held and define their operations :


Growers must move their produce from where they are grown to where customers can buy them. As such they need to be located close to transportation systems such as trucking, rail, shipping or air.


Soil and climate together will determine what crops will grow successfully. The temperature and rainfall will also be instrumental to the crop’s success.

Market Forces

Supply and demand are important for the trade of agricultural products. High demand and low supply will increase a crop’s price.


Growers rely on labour to bring their crops to market. Some crops will demand a higher input of labour to both plant and harvest.


Reliable transportation systems are essential. Some crops must get to market as quickly as possible. Some may require specialised refrigeration. Access to bulk handing facilities and the costs associated with transport all are factors
for Growers.

RLF products give crucial support to its Grower Customers’ main objective of acheving higher profits through economies of scale.

RLF products and advanced technologies in crop specialisation, and the maximisation of crop yields per hectare through synthetic and natural resources, are also integral to its Grower Customers’ achievements.

RLF’s Fertiliser Integration Program provides Grower Customers with the tools to achieve increased financial returns, reduced risk mitigation and yield increase potential through the introuduction of RLF product into the Grower Customer’s fertiliser program.

RLF is proud of its partnership with its Grower Customers.