Farmer Customers

Farmer Customers are the Lifeblood of RLF.

Generally, they represent the millions of farmers working diligently to produce livelihoods from small farm holdings – whether or not they own or control the land they farm, or the crop they produce. The importance of their role however has brought many RLF Farmer Customers into the global marketplace because they are often the primary producers of high-quality, high-value and high-need crops.

How RLF helps our Farmer Customers

  • by giving access to the RLF product distribution network so that the most appropriate and affordable products continue to be available for farmers as they endeavour to make economic gains for their businesses
  • by enabling them to take advantage of volume discounts as well as utilising other economies of scale with respect to the purchase of seeds, fertilisers and chemicals
  • through the provision of tools and support with respect to Nutrient Removal science
  • by having valuable regard for customer input, feedback and instructions in support of improving the supply and delivery of RLF products targeted for their needs
  • through its strong team of Plant Scientists always available to offer advice and information about the best way forward
  • through the provision of market intelligence

About our Farmer Customers

As Farmer Customers, a number of characteristics may be commonly held:

  • The scale of production is relatively small
  • The plot sizes are also relatively small
  • The crop or commodity they farm may be confined to a single cropping variety, or it may form part of a small range of mixed crops
    and/or activities
  • Resources available to them are generally less than those available to commercial-scale farmers
  • They may be considered in some parts of the world to form part of the informal economy
  • They may be men or women
  • They may depend on family labour but may also hire workers
  • They may lack the protections afforded to commercial-scale farmers and can often be vulnerable in supply chains

RLF products play an important role in ensuring quality outcomes for all our
Farmer Customers.

RLF products are tailored specifically to meet Farmer Customer requirements and value-adding techniques and technologies can do much to boost the yield for small farm holdings. Such is the importance of our Farmer Customers, considerable emphasis is placed on support and ongoing access to information that allows our Farmer Customers to share the rewards of all the technological advances our products make.

RLF is proud of its partnership with its Farmer Customers.