Corporate Farming Groups

RLF’s Corporate Farming Groups underpin the reliable supply of food and seed to world markets. They are crucial to the supply-chain. Because of the expensive nature of capital raising and group formation – together with the implementation of necessary technological processes and the purchase of farm equipment and machinery – the owners of these enterprises are often large agricultural corporations.

How RLF helps our Corporate Farming Customers

  • by sharing the successes of RLF’s Research and Development sector as they continue to advance the science of seed performance and yield gap
  • by providing access to RLF’s in-house technical and scientific team to help simplify the science of determining the correct nutrient usage per crop area
  • through the maintenance of extensive distribution networks that offer a range of produce and services that compliment the RLF range of product and technical services
  • by ensuring product is delivered on time, every time
  • by demonstrating commitment to our Corporate Farming Customers to help grow their businesses
  • through the provision of market intelligence
  • by valuing the relationship as an integral part of the RLF team

About Corporate Farming Groups

These large-scale corporations are increasingly becoming more common in developing countries and are the face of ‘the modern food industry’. They may also have the ability to process their harvested crop on-site, or be shipped to a processing facility that also forms part of the corporation. Whilst the use of the product for the company itself is generally the aim of a Corporate Farming enterprise, the produce may be on-sold for processing elsewhere. These decisions may be influenced to a large extent by market forces.

Corporate Farming Groups (in some economies) are often in a position to influence public policy. They may also be instrumental in providing financial backing to the education and research sectors.

RLF products and scientific research and development programs are highly valued by its Corporate Farming Groups.

The future of primary food production will, by virtue of scale and need, have high emphasis on capital formation, scientific progress and technological development, and RLF is well positioned to provide considerable expertise, a diverse range of world-class products and the partnering potential to work together with its Corporate Farming Groups to produce the food the world needs whilst maintaining profit-share.

RLF is proud of its partnership with its Corporate Farming Groups.