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July 14, 2017 EVALUATING THE EFFICACY OF BSN SUPERSTRIKE What's in this Insight This IN highlights the early growth and microbial testing milestones of a canola crop in South Australia. One section of the... Technical Download | View
June 30, 2017 PLASMA FUSION ULTRA FOLIAR GIVES YIELD ADVANTAGE What is in this IN This IN discusses the return on investment (ROI) results for a chickpea trial, experimenting with Plasma Fusion on the property ... Products Download | View
June 16, 2017 BSN SUPERSTRIKE TRIAL DELIVER RESULTS What is in this IN This IN documents a field trip undertaken by the RLF Technical Team in Hubei Province China. Using photographs and measurements,... Products Download | View
June 2, 2017 PASTURE PLUS AND A STUDY OF WEIGHT GAIN IN CATTLE How Pasture Plus adds value and improves the 'bottom line' What is in this IN This IN discusses the results and outcomes of a weight gain trial ... Products Download | View
March 17, 2017 INTEGRATED FERTILISER MANAGEMENT AND ITS IMPACT ON FERTILISER USE EFFICIENCY AND YIELDEfficient Use Of Nitrogen In Australia Lags Behind The Rest Of The World What's in this Insight? This IN addresses the imperative facing Australian farmers to become more efficient with fertiliser use for their crops, espe... Technical Download | View
January 20, 2017 SORGHUM ‘THE WONDER CROP’ What's in this Insight This Insight discusses Sorghum and the work being undertaken to make it a more desirable food crop, whilst also educating peop... Technical Download | View
April 4, 2016 BENEFITS DERIVED FROM IFM OF PASTURE CROPS What's in this Insight This IN lists a range of benefits for grass and legume pasture crops when Pasture Plus is used as part of an Integrated Fert... Products Download | View
February 19, 2016 NEW ZEALAND ROUND-UP OF 2015 What's in this Insight This insight presents a photographic snapshot of some of the successes experienced in 2015 by clients of RLF's Distributor Par... Products Download | View
February 5, 2016 NITROGEN INDUCED ZINC AND COPPER DEFICIENCY What's in this Insight This IN explores the proposition of nitrogen induced zinc and copper deficiency and how the careful monitoring of fertiliser r... Products Download | View
January 14, 2016 DEFINING YIELD COMPONENTS IN WHEAT What's in this Insight This Insight defines wheat yield and discusses what growth should be expected when a good Integrated Fertiliser Management (IF... Technical Download | View
November 15, 2015 MODIFYING FERTILISER APPLICATION RATES What's in this Insight ?  This IN explores the position often faced by farmers and growers when they manage difficult periods of productivity beca... Products Download | View
November 12, 2015 THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PRIMING THE SEED AND COATING THE SEED And How This Important Difference Is Often Misunderstood By What's in this Insight This Insight (IN) is in response to questions often asked by farmers and growers at trade shows and information sessions. It a... Crop Download | View
October 19, 2015 THE CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY OF PLASMA POWER WITH ‘UNIMAZ 250SL’ AND ‘SPARK’The Importance Of Understanding The Reactions And Responses Recently a very quick response was sought from RLF's Senior Process Chemist about the tank mix compatibility of PLASMA POWER with the herbicides UNIMA... Technical Download | View
October 19, 2015 MIXING BSN SEED PRIMER WITH SEED-COATING PRODUCTSCan It Be Done Safely And Stably ? The Question Is there a way to make BSN Seed Primer mix with seed coating products safely and stably ? The Background Carter Li, RLF's Technical... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 MIXING PLASMA FUSION WITH ‘CRUSADER’ AND ‘HUSSAR’Important Compatibility Issues Involving Loss Of Efficacy The Question What are the implications of tank mixing Crusader (Dow AgroSciences) and Hussar (Bayer CropScience) with RLF Plasma Fusion. The Backgro... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 THE POWER OF RLF ULTRA FOLIARWith 12 Nutrients In Every Application It Delivers Outstanding Results What is in this IN This IN captures the results of RLF's Ultra Foliar in photographs, when used recently by farmers in China on a variety of crop typ... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 COMPATIBILITY QUESTIONS INVOLVING PLASMA POWERWith Paradigm (DOW Agrosciences), Cadence WG And AmistarXtra (Syngenta) And MCPA LVE Recently the question of compatibility with several agricultural chemicals when mixed with RLF's Plasma Power was asked. RLF's Senior Process Chemist,... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 BEVERLY LAND CONSERVATION DISTRICT COMMITTEE (LCDC) TRIALA Review Of The 5-year Randomised Trial Program Of Field Crops What is in this IN This IN presents an abridged version of the 5-year trial of a completely randomised design with three replicates and nine nutritio... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 THE POWER AND PROOF OF RLF PASTURE PLUSPhenomenal Results Showing Quantity And Quality Pasture RLF's specialised Ultra Foliar Product Pasture Plus is once again showing just how beneficial it is for the business operations of cattle graziers. Qu... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 USING MANCOZEB Is It Compatible With RLF’s Canola Plus? Recently a question was asked by one of RLF's China distributors about the compatibility issues surrounding the use of Mancozeb (a fungicide manufactu... Products Download | View
October 19, 2015 THE POWER OF BSN SUPERSTRIKE Is ‘El Nino’ Clouding Your Crop Decisions ? This IN discusses the outcomes and beneficial 'start to life' for seeds primed with BSN Superstrike as opposed to those with no seed priming treatment... Products Download | View
June 30, 2015 THE POWER AND PROOF OF RLF PASTURE PLUS | Phenomenal Results Showing Quantity And Quality Pasture The results of a recent trial of Pasture Plus on a cattle grazing property in New South Wales, Australia, certainly look good enough on paper – even... Products Download | View
April 20, 2015 RESEARCH RESULTS THROUGH THE YEARSSupport Shown By South Australian Research Findings ForRLF’s IFM Strategy This Insight (IN) supports the RLF Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM) strategy of applying nutrients to seed, soil and foliage, over that of a soi... Crop Download | View
April 10, 2015 HOW ROOT GROWTH DRIVES YIELD AND CROP OUTCOMESUnderstanding The Engine Room Of The Plant This IN discusses the successful crop outcomes achieved in both quantity and quality when the benefits of a fertiliser regime that better supports roo... Products Download | View
March 19, 2015 EVALUATING THE EFFECT OF BSN TREATMENT ON SEED GERMINATION AND VIGOUR This Insight (IN) is in response to questions asked by RLF's Distributor and Seed Partner about techniques and strategies in measuring the effect of B... Technical Download | View
March 16, 2015 HOW PASTURE CROPS RESPOND TO DIFFERING FERTILISER ROUTINES | Is It Possible To Just Use Pasture Plus ? A question was recently asked by Greg Kaynes, (Area Sales Manager Northern NSW/Southern QLD) about the response and results of Pasture Plus that he wa... Technical Download | View
March 12, 2015 SEED TESTS What Do They Mean To The Farmer ? The question of Seed Tests and what they actually mean often gets asked. The following answer was prepared by Dr Nassery some years ago (12 April 200... Technical Download | View
March 2, 2015 NEW ZEALAND’S FIRST SEED TREATMENT EXPERIENCE WITH BSN The Microscope On An Encouraging And Exciting Future Corn growing contractor Bernard Cranswick, of Cranswick Farming Gisborne, on New Zealand's North Island is one of NZ's first users of BSN Seed Primer ... Products Download | View
February 26, 2015 FEED TEST RESULTS FOR PASTURE PLUS At The Walcha Dairy Trial Site The Walcha Dairy is an important part of the Pasture Plus story. This IN examines in detail the outstanding results achieved when samples were take... Products Download | View
February 25, 2015 Understanding Endophytes A FUNGUS FOUND IN GRASS AND OTHER PLANT SPECIES The following question has been asked by RLF's New Zealand Distributor Jason Reid on behalf of his clients. Question: In NZ over 80% of our pa... Technical Download | View
February 24, 2015 IFM RESULTS FROM ‘BRITTAS’ HARVEST Excellent Yield And Profit Details From RLF’s Demonstration Site At Canowindra NSW Australia In this Insight, RLF discusses the results of the 'Brittas' Harvest conducted at its demonstration site at Canowindra NSW, Australia in late 2014. ... Products Download | View
January 20, 2015 The Q&A Of QAC’s – Quaternary Ammonium Compounds HELPING OUR PARTNERS MEET THEIR COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS Some very sound discussion has arisen from RLF's New Zealand distribution partner with respect to the Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC). In New ... Technical Download | View
January 16, 2015 The Q&A Of Amino Alcohols HELPING OUR PARTNERS MEET THEIR COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS RLF's New Zealand distribution partner has raised some challenging questions with respect to the obligations required of them before NZ produce - such... Technical Download | View
November 13, 2014 10 BIG TRENDS FOR AGRICULTURE According to Jim Carroll, here’s the Top 10 list of what he sees happening in the Agriculture Industry in the next 30 years. 1. Massive growth ... Public-relations Download | View
October 27, 2014 THE GOOD EFFECTS OF PLANT MILK IN WATERMELON “My watermelon crops are looking much better now,” Farmer Dong Duan Zhi proudly pointed at his fruits that were uniformly growing bigger in size. ... Products Download | View
October 20, 2014 LESS IS MORE ‘Ask the Doctor’ Distributors in the New England are now on the liquid fertiliser bandwagon, and are pushing Pasture Foliars with a pH of arou... Technical Download | View
September 30, 2014 THE CONTINUING STORY OF PASTURE PLUS New Photographic Evidence Of The Beneficial Effects Of Pasture Plus The Story so far..... Recently, two paddock inspections were performed with a Digital Plate Meter. The plate automatically takes readings every fe... Products Download | View
September 12, 2014 NEW FERTILISER STRATEGY GIVES GREAT RESULTS This Insight is based on an article that appeared in the newspaper 'Farm Weekly' dated 29 October 2009 about the results of a newly introduced fertili... Products Download | View
September 1, 2014 ‘THE TALE OF TWO PADDOCKS’. THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS AND OUTCOMES OF PASTURE PLUS This Insight examines the comparison between unsprayed pasture and those sprayed with Pasture Plus on two pastoral properties in New South Wales. ... Products Download | View
August 27, 2014 BE PART OF RLF’S PRIVATE FIELD DAY! Erangy Springs is an 8,000-ha property and its primary crops are wheat, canola and lupins. Ian and Rob Kitto are the growers, and they have used ... Public-relations Download | View
August 20, 2014 SHOW OFF, GET UP AND GO! This Insight highlights the excellent results achieved when a grape grower used Dynamo Fertigation, combined with his water facilities, as part of a c... Products Download | View
August 15, 2014 TO MIX OR NOT TO MIX This Insight is about the ‘Ask the Doctor’ inquiry of  Mr. Greg Kaynes – RLF’s Area Sales Manager (NNSW / SQLD)  about whether UREA can be a... Technical Download | View
August 15, 2014 BSN SEED TREATMENT FOR BROADACRE WHEAT GROWERS This insight examines the comparison between untreated broadacre wheat crops with those treated with BSN Superstrike (BSN SS) in one evolving experi... Products Download | View
August 4, 2014 TOO LITTLE, TOO MUCH ‘Ask the Doctor’  “Dear Hooshang, what is the optimal % of organic matter in soil? There are a significant number of graziers in the New Eng... Technical Download | View
July 18, 2014 FROM THE ARCHIVES – POTATOES IN THE LATE 1990’s By: Ross Coleman RLF State Manager, South Australia Looking back through the RLF archives revealed the following series of interesting photogra... Products Download | View
July 11, 2014 FERTILISER INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT (FIM) TILLER COUNT By: Richard Stone 4th July 2014 The following images and results are from a controlled program that measured tiller count. Presented by Richard St... Products Download | View
June 23, 2014 MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, SIGNIFICANT RESULTS FOR CORN On 20th April, 2014, RLF Technical Manager Mr Carter Li, paid a visit to Zhongzhou Town, Yeuyang County, Hunan Province. Mr Yin Delong, a local farme... Products Download | View
June 13, 2014 TESTED AND RECOMMENDED! Total Ag Services (TAGS) helps growers maximise the profitability of their enterprise by providing quality agronomic services and crop protection prod... Products Download | View
June 11, 2014 FOLIAR FERTILISER VS. SOIL FERTILISER This Insight shows the key differences and comparison between the benefits delivered by both foliar fertilisers and soil fertilisers. ... Products Download | View
May 6, 2014 FOR YEARS, PASTURE PLUS HAS PERFORMED SO WELL FOR OUR CLIENTS Over that time I have developed a strong clientele base in pastures throughout the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. For the driest state in one ... Products Download | View
May 1, 2014 RESEARCH RESULTS THROUGH THE YEARS Included in this insight are two articles published in Eyre Peninsula Farming System summary of 2010 and 2013. RLF is proud to be the instigato... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 SORGHUM – ‘THE WONDER CROP’ – UNDERSTANDING ITS QUALITIES The scientists at the University of Queensland work with sorghum to make it a more desirable crop and food, whilst also educating people about it.... Crop Download | View
March 5, 2014 ‘FAIRY CIRCLES’ FOR A FAIRY-TALE SEASON START – CURIOUS AND CURIOUSER This Insight takes a light-hearted look at field mushrooms and how 'bush meteorologists' say their emergence is a good sign for a good season, often o... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 WHAT A DIFFERENCE WATER MAKES This Insight showcases the aerial spraying of seed onto pre-watered ground and how RLF's CSF is foliar applied with Nitrogen Plus to assist crop yield... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 A WORRYING MISTAKE TURNS OUT OK Here is a comforting story taken from our archives – it is worth re-telling. Pictured is Robert Vincent (and his 'apprentice') taking a break fr... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 A COMMON SIGHT – ALL YEAR ROUND This Insight presents the opportunities that Plasma 828 brings for horticultural growers. This is a common sight in most horticulture regions a... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 SHOW THEM THE WAY The animal production phase of the farm enterprise has come into sharp focus for many – commodity prices have seen to that. At the core of ou... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 PRACTICING WHAT I PREACH For just a few minutes, he had his 'RLF cap' off and his ‘farmer cap’ on. Grant is RLF's National Sales Manager, Australia – he is also a fa... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 IF THEY WANT RESULTS, GIVE THEM RESULTS…. This Insight details performance results for RLF BSN and foliar products as reflected in the archives of its Australian operations and can be used as ... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE PROUD CUSTOMERS This Insight expresses the delight one farmer has felt since introducing an RLF foliar program and how he has gone about telling the passers-by. ... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 LET’S REFLECT FOR A MOMENT This Insight reflects on the rising costs of chemicals and fertilisers for farmers forcing them to review their practices and embrace change. S... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 ‘LEADER’ – EARNED THROUGH COMMITMENT – AND STILL LEADING This Insight sums up the philosophy of RLF and its staff team over many years of service to the agricultural industry and its excellent standing throu... Public-relations Download | View
March 5, 2014 THE TELL-TALE SPOTS You can see the ‘water spots’ on these potatoes.  They are a symptom of over-watering. The Grower was complaining that the plants “were ... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 THE ‘GUM BOOT’ TRIAL METHOD – A MOST RELIABLE SCIENCE FOR MANY! Steve and Greg Gaskin are growers of quality celery in Virginia, South Australia - about a one hour drive north of Adelaide. Consistently growi... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 THE NEED TO IMPROVE WATER AND FERTILISER EFFICIENCY As recently observed, the fertiliser manufacturing costs rise with the rise in fuel price. At present one Kg of nitrogen and potassium is aroun... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 SEED PHOSPOROUS AND THE ESSENTIAL ROLE OF BSN Phytic acid or Inositol hexaphoshate (C6H18O24P6, molecular wt of 660) is the main storage form of phosphorus in crop seeds. The product forms ... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 YIELD COMPONENTS TO WATCH IN WHEAT Wheat yield is simply equal to number of heads or spikes/area multiplied by number of kernels per head and weight of kernel. The yield is there... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 IS YOUR SOWING RATE RIGHT? On a recent trip to Western Australia, I travelled with Grant Borgward (RLF National Sales Manager, Australia) to Geraldton in the northern wheat ... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 KNOW THE ‘LEAF TILLER LANGUAGE’ Crop emergence in cereals starts with the burst of the coleoptile through the soil while protecting the first leaf. The leaves appear after a... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 GLYPHOSATE-INDUCED TRACE ELEMENT DEFICIENCY AND DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY Glyphosate is a non-selective and systemic herbicide introduced in 1971. Its use has increased significantly from the early 1990’s due to red... Technical Download | View
March 5, 2014 KNOW THE PLANT GROWTH CYCLE Knowing the stages of development of wheat-type cereal crops is critical for leaf tissue sampling to support many management decisions. Herbici... Technical Download | View
March 1, 2014 FAR TOO RISKY TO MISS POST- HARVEST MANAGEMENT In many grape growing regions throughout Australia, tougher than normal growing conditions are being experienced by Growers, with dry conditions, ... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 GREAT AREA, GREAT RESULT I recently received a call to visit a Grower at his farm, just north of the New South Wales village of Mullaley, to discuss his summer crop nutrit... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 RESULTS JUST TUR-RIFIC! Growth and quality is now excellent – with increased new root growth that has significantly increased the volume of turf available to harvest. ... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 NOTHING CAN BE MORE COMPLELLING THAN BSN – A CASE STUDY The recently developed ‘Base Fertiliser Review’ by RLF's National Sales Manager, Australia, beats a strong and direct path to the savings avai... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 THE ADDED BONUS OF ‘BSN TWIN’ Our representatives have been constantly observing and picking up on the many positive influences RLF’s products have on crops. One very pos... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 FOLIAR IN HYDROPONICS? This is a portion of the 6,000m² of undercover, hydroponically grown gourmet-lettuce crop in Virginia, South Australia. The lettuce grows in ... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 PLASMA 828 – SHOWCASING SOME HORTICULTURAL TRIUMPHS The photograph shows the almond harvest as it commenced recently in most areas around South Australia. Here the 'shaker' grabs the trunk and s... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 PRECISION IS THE KEY – PARTICULARLY IN TOUGH SESSIONS In 2006 Western Australia was doing it a bit tough. Harvest was forecast at around 60-65% of average. This photo shows RLF Grower Customer Mu... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 EFFECTIVE SUBSOIL UTILISATION As you can clearly see by the photo, the first significant hard pan that is restricting root growth is at the first pen or at 7 - 8cm depth. T... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 ‘THE FOLIAR RESULT JUST KEEP ON COMING IN’ Here is yet another example of the performance of RLF foliar products, and in this particular case, Plasma 828. Dr Hooshang Nassery recently r... Products Download | View
March 1, 2014 COTTON GROWERS – INTEGRATE AND IMPROVE RETURNS Some years back, against district average yields of 3.8 to 4.2 bales per acre, cotton farms in Goondiwindi (south-west Queensland) that applied th... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 RLF REVISITS CITRUS GROVE Michael (the Ag. Officer) is pictured standing by a lemon tree that is showing clearly visible signs of nutrient deficiency (or toxicity). The ... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 SPRING HAS SPRUNG AND SO HAS THE VINEYARD There is no question that the wine grape industry is going through a difficult and challenging phase. Optimising vineyard returns now-a-days d... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 THERE’S SERIOUS INDUSTRY BEHIND THE HUMBLE PAIR OF SOCKS The cotton industry earns Australia, on average, $1.5bn in exports annually. Grown in the period with long, hot and low humidity days, plantin... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 PEANUTS GO NUTS FOR RLF FOLIAR A report just in from China, (relayed back through our network of staff) originates from a Farmer Customer of RLF's in China’s Kaifung Province.... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 ‘BIG’ IS NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL – ‘SMALL’ ALSO PROFITS It is true that medium to large broadacre cropping enterprises form a large percentage of RLF's national business for foliar products. However... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 HERE’S THE ‘GOOD OIL’ ON HARVEST Les, a new customer olive grower, had experienced crop losses the previous year and was confused by all the 'advice' he was receiving locally. ... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 ALMONDS ‘GO NUTS’ ON PLASMA ‘Cheap’ imports from California have caused our almond industry a heap of trouble in the past. But this is all about to change – Australia ... Crop Download | View
March 1, 2014 NO MORE ‘NICKS AND CUTS’ FROM PREMIUM PINEAPPLES Queensland, Australia, has some of the most diverse cropping ‘territory’ in the country. Agriculture within this State is noted for innov... Crop Download | View
Benefits Specialised Product for Irrigation Dynamo High-K contains chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metaboli...
Root Boost
Root Boost is the category given to describe the RLF products designed to focus on plant early vigor and root development. ...
Seed Priming
Added Nutrition for Legumes, Rice and Corn BSN Ultra benefits from the addition of two extra nutrients – potassium and ma...
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