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  • The China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition is an eagerly awaited three day event held each year in Shanghai. It is in its 18th year. Th... Read More
  • It was indeed unfortunate for those green peppers that grew in the Wanghui Agricultural Demonstration Base in Zhaoan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, Ch... Read More
  • Marketing the Benefits of this Favourite Fruit in China The Sugar Orange The sugar orange is a famous variety of citrus. It is a favourite for people due to its... Read More
  • Sorghum can well and truly own its tag as a ‘wonder crop’. And, better understanding of its qualities and benefits will bring positive outcomes for ... Read More
  • Cabbage is grown all over China and has become a much loved vegetable crop. Recently one cabbage growers experience was documented because he used RLF BSN Super... Read More
  • Hunan Province China hosts a remarkable day Overview The second agricultural information exchange meeting and product display fair for Hunan Province was held i... Read More
  • Successful Seminar to promote R&D in China Overview From 28th – 30th October 2016 a seminar was held for the core retailers of the agricultural indus... Read More
  • Through the use of liquid fertilisers in overhead irrigation A recent Technical Bulletin written by RLF’s Head of Technical Dr Hooshang Nassery provided a... Read More
  • A range of results at your fingertips Pasture Plus has captured the attention of growers throughout Australia over the past few years.It has proven to be an out... Read More
  • Introduced at the prestigious China Plant Protection Fair The 32nd China Plant Protection Information Exchange Conference and Pesticide Machinery Fair, held in ... Read More
  • Seminar held to promote the value of seed health Overview The inaugural Seed Value and Health Promotion meeting was heralded a great success. It was held in Jin... Read More
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