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  • The RLF China Team recently initiated the High-yielding peanut nutrition program and it achieved excellent results in the northeastern peanut growing regio... Read More
  • RLF always looks forward to exhibiting at one of the most influential international exhibitions and trade shows for the global agricultural industry, and t... Read More
  • RLF recently organised a rice production measurement observation meeting in Nanyang Village, Zhangtiansi Town, Gongan County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province... Read More
  • Hainan Province is one of the main producing areas for mangoes in China. Generally, the Hainan mango begins its flower bud differentiation in 11 -12 months... Read More
  • October is the rice harvest season in China. The sun lights up the grains of rice and the pleasant smell of rice imbues the air. Silicon is an essential el... Read More
  • The low survival rate in the strawberry crop following transplantation has always been a problem for growers. In order to introduce growers to a crop nutri... Read More
  • the balance between yield and quality of citrus has always been a major concern for citrus growers. And in particular, the physiological disorder of chloro... Read More
  • RLF plans to introduce its latest range of trace element specialty liquid fertiliser products at CAC 2018. The prestigious China International Agrochemical... Read More
  • The Anhui Tribute Chrysanthemum is also called Mount Huang Chrysanthemum or Huizhou Chrysanthemum. Increasing Chrysanthemum production and income The Anhui... Read More
  • By combining RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar and fertigation specialty crop nutrition product Dynamo High-P, excellent results were achieved by... Read More
  • Peanut is an important oil crop in China. It is widely planted all over the country, and depending upon where they are grown they often form part of an int... Read More
  • The grapes are ripe and ready for picking. 100,000 tonnes (100,000,000 kg) of grapes, with an anticipated value of Y750m, is expected from the harvest in H... Read More
  • It’s eastern China’s turn to experience the growing phenomenon of applying foliar fertiliser from the air via an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, ... Read More
  • The 33rd National Plant Protection meeting was held in the Greenland International Expo Centre, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province from 22nd – 24th November... Read More
  • The long time dry climate in Luogang Village, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province affected the root development and spring growth for the po... Read More

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Technical Bulletins
  • This Technical Bulletin (TB) provides a comprehensive guide as to why the application of liquid fertiliser is beneficial for plants and how the use of overhead irrigation systems provides an ideal opportunity to keep pace with the high level nutrient needs of crops.
  • This Technical Bulletin (TB) discusses the option available to farmers of using a foliar fertiliser as Nutrition Therapy to reduce the plant’s exposure to fungal disease.
  • This bulletin is to be used as a guide for a generalised foliar program for peanut. Where and when other relevant information such as paddock history, soil test and leaf analysis is available, the program can be modified for an even better response.
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