Seed Priming

Seed Priming – Engineered Seed Nutrition

Seed Priming is the latest technology in engineered seed nutrition. This is a powerful advance in modern farming practice and RLF are absolute world-leaders. Now Farmers and Growers can directly fertilise the seed because of RLF technology called SDS.

RLF are at the forefront of the agricultural industry and leading the way with our specialised range of BSN products to ensure that plants are set for maximum yield potential.

How it Works

Seed Priming directly delivers the optimum nutrients required for the seed embryo to register its future yield potential. And, as a result, it develops root and shoot mass designed to achieve maximum yield potential in the fully grown plant.

Seed Priming is the very best way to ensure the plant is set for maximum yield potential and the following graphics show how this works.

How the Seed is Treated

RLF’s special formulations called SDS allow phosphorus and a Broad-spectrum trace element package to be imbibed (absorbed) directly into the seed.

This ‘priming’ elevates all critical nutrients to optimal range, and results in the seed embryo sensing and setting the seed’s growth potential for maximum yield. The seed primer package eliminates any seed variability issues and contains enough nutrients to feed the seed for the first 2 – 3 weeks of its life.

The following graphical sequence shows in greater detail how this works :


The Features are Numerous

  • Absorbs readily ‘into’ the seed, leaving the seed dry
  • Eliminates seed variability
  • Improves seed quality
  • Delivers optimum nutrient package of Phosphorus, Sulphur, Zinc,
  • Copper, Manganese + Molybdenum
  • Increases seed available Phosphorus by up to 350%
  • Increases yield potential regardless of granular fertiliser rates
  • Is effective in ALL soil types
  • Compensates for depleted or variable nutrient status in the soil
  • Works with high and low analysis fertilisers
  • Can produce a final yield increase from 5% to 20% in trials
  • Returns higher quality crop with greater nutrient value

The Benefits are Outstanding

  • Stronger, bigger and healthier root systems
  • Stronger plant growth with early tillers that are more viable
  • Generates greater Phosphorus activation and improves up-take from the soil
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency in the plant
  • Increases biological microbial activity in root rhizosphere which converts
    ‘unavailable’ Phosphorus to ‘available’ Phosphorus for plant up-take
  • Promotes better resistance to disease
  • Provides the plant with greater tolerance to environmental extremes or impact
  • Augments the plant’s stress-handling abilities
  • Buffers fungicides and pesticides
  • Reduces the toxic effects of fertiliser in the furrow
  • Improves plant metabolism

What is SDS

SDS (Seed Delivery System) is the RLF-developed technology that bonds
with the nutrient elements to transport them into the seed embryo.This
process of imbibing introduces the nutrient directly into the seed.

SDS is a product of RLF’s advanced science and technology endeavours and commitment over many years. SDS forms part of its suite of HBS (High-analysis, Broad-spectrum Solutions) products designed to bring about the same level of advantage and opportunity for primary producers of all farm sizes.

SDS technology has awoken the practice of fertilising the seed – ensuring that seed-lot variability is eliminated and that EVERY seed planted is primed with the optimum level of plant available nutrient. Unlike a seed treatment, which bonds to the outside of the seed using it as a delivery carrier into the soil, SDS, with HBS’s help takes the nutrient INSIDE the seed for the seed’s immediate and direct use.

RLF’s Seed Priming products are widely and independently tested to produce increased yield results with a positive economic return for Farmers and Growers.

Today’s modern farming practices can only be enhanced with RLF’s world-leading Seed Priming technologies.


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